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Christmas Ornament Treat Boxes

Christmas Ornament Box

Once in a while, I find a cutting file that is so versatile that I keep finding new ways to use it. The cutting file for today's Ornament Box is a perfect example. On Friday we added the Round Box cutting file to the New section, but you might recognize this file from the fall Cornucopia project.  It started as a pumpkin for the Cornucopia and with a few adjustments it became an apple and a pear for the cornucopia as well.

DIY Ornaments: Santa Box

I am excited to present to you this Jolly Santa Ornament. He went together quite quickly using the Tall Pyramid Box file. I used two files from the Pazzles Craft Room Library to make the white hat trim: Large Circle Scallops and Scallop Tag. With the InVue software, I layered the oval in front of the circle. Then I used Subtract Weld for the final look (deleting any extra pieces). You can use the same scallop for the ball on the pointed top of the hat. Santa’s moustache came from the Six Moustaches file.

Winter Swag made entirely of paper

Paper Winter Swag and Pinecone ...

I love decorating for the holidays, but Christmas goes by so quickly, and then all the decorations have to come down almost as fast as they went up. This will not be the case if you make this pretty winter swag. It can stay up all the way through the winter season. This winter swag is a more difficult project to put together but if you follow the step by step directions it will turn out great! Your friends and family will be wowed that you made it completely out of paper!

DIY Ornaments: Jolly Character Faces

Christmas is here! I am so excited! It is the craftiest time of the year! So what better way to get started than to make ornaments for the tree! I made these three jolly ornaments using the Round Box file as the base. I love them because in addition to being an ornament they are a gift box too! You can hide small treasures in them like cash, lip balm, small toys, a key to a car…hint hint, etc. Hang them on your tree and surprise a family member with the prize inside.

Gingerbread House Ornaments

DIY Christmas Ornaments: Gingerbread Houses

I’m excited to share with you my little gingerbread house ornaments today that you can re-create quite quickly and put your own twist on the decorations. These little houses can be used hanging on a Christmas tree, or from anywhere around the house. They can also be used on a mantel or table as cute decorations. I have even considered using them as place cards for Christmas Day with treats inside. The other thing you could do is pop a battery tea light candle inside for a nice glow. Using the Milk Carton House cutting file, I resized the entire file so I could fit two houses per 12" x 12" sheet of paper. This made them about 2" x 2" square at each face. The window, curtains and roof are all grouped together in this file, so resizing whilst these are included is essential to ensuring everything is the right size. Before I cut the files out, I ungrouped the files and then deleted one of the window sets to make room for the door file.

Vinyl Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Gingerbread House

Take a Second Look: the ...

The ornaments on the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar (released last Friday) are so amazing that I thought they were worth a second look.  Even if you do not follow the Advent tradition you will want to make the ornaments; they are truly mini works of art. Use them as they are or enlarge them. Either way they will be the perfect compliment to a holiday tag, card or gift. It won't take long for you to come up with ways to make them uniquely your own:

Round Boxes

I wish that ladies still wore hats more often. I love looking at vintage hats and all the many beautiful and unique styles that we have gone through over the decades. These little round boxes remind me so much of hat boxes and I love hat boxes as much as I love hats!

Making Your Own Boxes

Only four days to go until Christmas! If you are like me than you probably trying to wrap up your Christmas shopping and get everything wrapped and under the tree. For me, that's about the time I realize that I need a lot of boxes in a lot of sizes that I don't have for gifts like necklaces, cookies, and ornaments. A pretty box can make all the difference when getting a gift.

12 Ornaments of Christmas

To say that I love Christmas would be a gross understatement. I love everything about it: the tree, Christmas lights, the music, the food, the time with family, the cards, the gifts...I could go on and on! Last year in the spirit of the holiday we did the 12 Tags of Christmas. Since many of you joined after that time I'm guessing you may not have seen those tags so make sure to check those out. This year we are doing the 12 ornaments of Christmas!

November Challenge

You still have time to get your submissions in for our November Challenge. As a reminder, the challenge is to create something you can use for the holidays. Today we have some fantastic Design Team projects to share with you.

Merry Cruising

Give the Best Gift Ever: ...

Make someone very happy this Christmas and sign them up for our fabulous Pazzles Cruise! Sail in the balmy, beautiful, blue waters of the Western Caribbean February 10-16, 2013, and escape winter's cold weather. This is a Valentine's cruise so you will have both Christmas and Valentine's day gifts covered. I guarantee that this will be the best present under the tree!!

Visions of Sugarplums Christmas Baking ...

In a few short weeks Christmas baking will be in full swing. If you have the bug for holiday baking just a bit early, you can start by making paper cookies. These cookies don't need to be made from scratch, we've done all the work for you in our Visions of Sugarplums Collection. This collection is perfect for cards and tags for your holiday goodies and can be used after the holidays to scrapbook your Christmas memories.

Scallop Christmas Tree

I am not a baker, but when we decided to make gift bags and boxes this year for the holidays I quickly went home to retrieve some cookbooks from my shelf. I was inspired to create some scrumptious cookies and give away to my friendly neighbors as gifts this Christmas. I thought this box would be a fun way to distribute my holiday baked goods. I chose a fun paper that was nontraditional for Christmas, pink!

Decorative Gift Basket

For several years we have celebrated the Christmas season with you by doing a series of 12 projects based on a theme. Two years ago we did the 12 Tags of Christmas and last year we did the 12 Ornaments of Christmas. Make sure to check out those projects because they are still just as awesome as the day they were posted! This year we really wanted to "wow" you with our 12 days of Christmas project series. After much debate we settled on doing the 12 BOXES of Christmas. We know how much you love dimensionals and we also know that they can be pretty intimidating to make. So let us help you out this season with 12 boxes that will leave your guests and recipients "ooing" and "awwing" all the way in to next year!

Christmas Is Almost Here!

Christmas is right around the bend and here at the Pazzles Craft Room we have been kicking things up a notch to help inspire you during this season. It has bee an exciting week here at the Craft Room so we hope you can take a little time out of your busy schedule to see what we have to offer!

Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are right around the corner. We are all very lucky that we have such an amazing machine that helps us make an array of different presents, decorations and holiday greeting cards.