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      Love it!! I can see myself making a t-shirt that says soccer mom.
      #1 10/15/10 5:50pm

      How do you do a multi-color design? For the looks of the video, when you pour the rhinestones over the design and brush you don't have much control.
      #2 10/17/10 7:20pm

      When I made this I actually made two templates, one for the cherries and one for the leaves. That's probably the easiest way though I have thought about putting scotch tape over the the holes I don't want to fill, filling the uncovered holes with one color and then taking the scotch tape off and filling the rest of the holes with a different color.

      You can also use 2 sizes of rhinestones, put the bigger ones in first (they won't be able to fit in the smaller holes) and then put in the smaller ones.
      #3 10/18/10 9:46am