Gingerbread Village: Trees

Gingerbread Village Trees

Living in a completely edible town has it’s advantages! On Christmas Eve the peppermint candies are harvested from all of the trees to fill every good gingerbread boy and gingerbread girl’s stocking to the brim! The licorice ladders help the workers get the biggest and best candies, which are always at the top of the tree.

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Gingerbread Village: Sled

Gingerbread Village Sled

On cold, frosty days the gingerbread children gather on the biggest hill for some sledding fun! Their cries of excitement can be heard all over the village. When the day warms up and the sled runners start to get sticky, they lick the marshmallow frosting off their mittens and head home.

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Gingerbread Village: Main Street House

Gingerbread Village Paper House

Just down Main Street is the cutest little house with every Necco wafer perfectly positioned on the pitched roof. The village kids like to sneak up and take a lick of the giant suckers stationed at the doorway, but do it quickly, because it’s likely Mrs. Ginger is watching from the window. She’ll write down your name and report you to Santa.

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Gingerbread Village: Church

Gingerbread Village Church

In the center of town just down from the pond is the Gingerbread Village church. After Sunday services the congregation gathers for hot cocoa and gingerbread cookies from Graham’s Bakery. The stained glass windows were a gift from Santa Claus himself after a huge frosting storm in 1989 knocked out the old windows.

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