Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques

Welcome to the Advanced tutorials! If you feel very competent with most of the features in the software and are looking for some new tricks to create more complex projects then look no further! Please be patient when opening videos as their loading speed can vary depending on your computer and the size of the video. If you don’t know where to start, we have put our videos in their suggested viewing order so just start at the top and work your way down. Enjoy!

Please note that these videos may require you to install Adobe Flash Player and/or Apple Quicktime. You can find Adobe Flash Player here. You can download Quicktime from Apple here.

Using Symmetry In Your Designs

Learn how to recognize and use symmetry to speed your designing process.Whether you are using auto trace or are tracing an image by hand, knowing how to use symmetry in the design process will save you time and effort. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Line Guides, the Cut Straight Line tool and the Duplicate and Mirror functions to make use of symmetrical elements in your design.

Advanced Paper Lace

Paper Lace are intricate overlay designs that you can lay over a solid piece of cardstock for a beautiful design on your scrapbook page, cards and more. In this tutorial you will learn how to create paper lace using multiple shapes in a more “random” design.

How to add tabs and slots to a box

Learn how to add tabs and slots to any box cutting file. Tabs and slots make the box collapsible so that you can safely store it away to use over and over again. You will learn how to line up the tabs and corresponding slots correctly. You will also learn how to use a printed paper template to help determine where the tabs should be located.

Make Your Own Journaling Fonts

Did you know that you can make your own journaling fonts in the Inspiration Studio Software? In this tutorial you will learn how to turn a favorite font into a single stroke font for journaling with our Pen Tool. Learn how to set up the font for converting to single stroke, what size to use and tricks to make the process more efficient. You will also learn how to locate the Create Font tools and which ones to use to create a custom font that can be used for engraving, embossing or writing.

Make a Font from Handwriting

Create a font uniquely your own. Use the Create Font feature of the Inspiration Studio Software to turn your own handwriting into a custom font formatted for cutting on the Inspiration Electronic cutter. The video will teach you how to first write the alphabet so that it will be easy to convert. Then learn how to scan it into the software and convert into a font using the Create Font tools. Finally, learn what might cause problems when creating a font and how to correct them.

Photo Cut for Vinyl

With the Photo Cut feature you can create amazing Art Deco style photos for your walls and home décor. Learn what photos to choose for Photo Cut and how to mask out busy backgrounds. The tutorial will also teach you how to determine how many lines and what spacing are needed to create the best detail. Find out how to convert your photos to the correct format 3 different ways and when to use each one.

Changing the Cutting Order

All projects cut in the order they are created which isn’t always the best order for what you are trying to do. You can change the order in which they cut so that your designs will cut more quickly, or so that they will cut better. This tutorial will show you how to change the cutting order of your design.

Determining Cutting Order

Use the Display Object Order feature to streamline your cutting. Learn how to arrange a project to cut in an effecient manner, preventing a random pattern of cutting that bounces from one part of the page to another. This tutorial will familiarize you with the Display Object Order feature and how to use the positioning tools to rearrange the order of the pieces.

Split Letter Monograms

Use fancy fonts to make beautiful Split Letter Monograms to use on cards, invitations, home decor and gifts. This tutorial will teach you how to find fonts suitable for split letters and how to decide where to split the letter. You will also learn the different ways to join a bar to the split pieces.

Print and Cut

You are all about paper and it may seem like a betrayal of the cutter to want to cut out clipart. However, there are times when only clipart will do and you want an easy way to cut it out! Scissors are so old hat when you can use electronic cutting to get great cuts. This tutorial will show you how to import your clipart in to the software and create a cutting template. You will learn how to use the Edition method of vectorization to automatically trace around the outside of the clipart for a cutting line. Finally, you will learn how to use the template to position the clipart for a great cut. After learning this technique you will be even more in love with your Pazzles cutter and it will change how you look at clipart forever!

Silhouette Overlays

Learn how to make beautiful silhouette overlays for any occasion using images from the Craft Room library. By combining images and layering them over a rectangle frame you will create the foundation for your overlay. This tutorial will show you how to use the Subtract Weld function to quickly combine the images and the rectangle frame the finished project.

Using Cutting Files for Print and Cut Projects

Learn how to use a cutting file from the Craft Room or other source to create a Print and Cut project. You will learn how to set the project up for printing, how to create a edge bleed and how to use registration boxes for perfect cuts every time.

Converting a Design to An Image

Learn how to
Use the Convert To Image function to quickly convert a cutting design into a printable image. In this tutorial you will learn where to locate the Coinvert To Image function, how to use it and how to get the best conversion. Learn how this tool can help you remember how a project is to be assembled. The video will also show you how to use Convert To Image to make custom graphics for printing.

Create and Cut Clipart

Learn how to
Create your own custom clipart in the Inspiration Studio Software. Then print it out and cut around the clipart for a fast and easy addition to any project. This video will show you how to create clipart using the drawing tools in the software and/or designs available from Pazzles extensive library. Learn how to convert cutting projects to images for printing and how to set up the template for cutting around clipart.

Resizing, Editing and Cropping Photos

Learn how to
You can edit, crop and resize photos directly in the Inspiration Studio Software.This tutorial will walk you through the process of creating a page, choosing the photos and deciding on photo size. Learn how to size your photos to fit the frame or mat you have designed; saving ink and photo paper. You will also learn how to adjust the contrast, saturation, shadows and intensity of the photo in the software. Finally, learn how to make a custom matched mat that can be printed along with the photo.

Color Palette ABC’s Part 2

You have already mastered the basics of the color palette but in this tutorial you will learn how to take full advantage of all the feature the color palette has to offer! The second in a two part series, this tutorial will show you how to create custom colors in your color palette using photographs. You will also learn how to create a color palette using your favorite paper line, and how you can save your own custom palette so that you can use it again and again for all of your projects!

Overlays Made Easy: Part 2

Learn how to create beautiful overlays with word borders. This video is a continuation of the Overlays tutorial under the Building on the Basics Overlay tutorial and takes creating overlays to a whole new level!

Print and Cut on the Pazzles Inspiration

The Pazzles Inspiration will accurately cut around a printed image. You can print an image created in the Inspiration Studio Software or use clipart you have imported into the software. A few simple steps are all that is needed to create an accurate cut around the image!

Converting Clipart: Advanced

You can change any graphic to a cutting file through a process called “Vectorization”. Once you master vectorization you will be able to create any design you want using clipart, drawings, and photographs. The fourth in a six part series, this tutorial will show you how to auto vectorize images that are more complex due to shading, complexity of design, or coloring.