Window Cling

Halloween Window Silhouettes

Halloween Silhouettes Cutting Collection

Dress up your house for Halloween with some spooky window clings. This set of 10 Halloween Silhouette cut files will help you haunt your house for the holiday.

Autumn Window Cling Scarecrow

Window Cling: Scarecrow Wreath

When I was a girl I played with paper dolls. When our daughter was young, instead of using paper dolls, she played with die-cut vinyl pieces called Colorforms. Today we can cut our own shapes from vinyl cling material and create designs for placing on our windows, smooth surfaces, or for using in building creative designs on a vinyl covered board, much as our children did. Today, I had the opportunity to play with Pazzles Vinyl Cling material to make a cute fall decoration for my sliding glass door. I found a nice Scarecrow design and a Grapevine Wreath in the Pazzles Craft Room to adapt for this project.  Since the vinyl I was using was 9” wide, I resized the wreath to about 9” wide. Then I selected parts of the Scarecrow with pumpkin design that I needed. I wanted the scarecrow to be sitting on the edge of the wreath instead of standing, so I transformed the britches portion of the design into a banner. I resized the scarecrow pieces to fit nicely inside of the wreath.  I typed the text using the InVue software, with the Brightside Typeface, and thickened it by shadowing at .02”.

holiday vinyl monogram files

Holidays and Seasons Monogram Toppers ...

The Holidays and Seasons Monogram Toppers Collection created by Heidi is a fun collection that you can use with the Round Project Patterns that are available here and here.  These fun toppers can add a little fun to t-shirts, signs, cards, or whatever you choose. There are 12 different designs to choose from!

Spiders Halloween Wreath

I always have a lot of fun creating projects, but something about this one had me buzzing around the office chasing people with these super cute glittery, hairy legged spiders!! Don’t exterminate these bugs! Instead, lavish guests with spooky fun the moment they step up to the door. They’re bound to get caught up in your web of creativity when you host your spooky Halloween party get together. Let the smiles and maybe even a few frightful screams begin… when you have this spider wreath hanging ready to greet all who dare enter!

Happy Summer Window Cling Letters

Window Cling plus Therm O ...

Adhesive may not come in pretty colors or patterns, but it is an important part of every project. It is, after all, the glue that holds a project together! We are so impressed by the huge variety of adhesives available from Therm-O-Web. They have thought of everything. I had the opportunity to play with and cut a few of their specialty adhesives recently and was thrilled with the outcome.

What will You do with ...

I absolutely love small town pride and all the hoopla that goes with it! Pazzles is located in a small town and this past weekend we celebrated our company and our home town. There was the BBQ and the farmers market, the craft booths and the barrel train ride, but best of all was the parade. It may be hokey and lack the glitz of the big city but small town parades are a lot of fun! Where else can a kid get a huge bag of candy in less than an hour? Where else can you get soaked by the little old ladies and their water hoses as you walk by? (Believe me, that is very welcome on a 90 degree day!)

Printable Window Cling on Glass Candle Holders

Printable Window Cling Autumn Leaves ...

Last week I shared how to add color and shading to Pazzles Window Cling to make decorations for Fall. I hope you were excited to try the easy method of using alcohol-based markers on the cling plastic. This week I wanted to give you some ideas of how to use the Printable Window Cling that is included in the kit.

Decorate for Fall with Pazzles ...

I can remember how much fun it was to decorate the windows with seasonal designs using Window Cling kits I ordered through a catalog. (This was wa-a-y before the internet!!) The kids and I had so much fun deciding which piece went where. When we drove up to the house we could see the designs from the outside too. I loved it because I didn’t have to deal with tape on my walls or thumbtacks making holes that would need to be filled later on. Sometimes I was disappointed that I couldn’t find a set for the event I wanted. Now, I never have that problem since I can cut my own window clings on my Inspiration using the Pazzles Window Cling kit.