Easter Egg Village Garden Cottage

Easter Egg Village: Garden Cottage

It takes lots of veggies to keep all the bunnies in the Easter Village fed. After all, they can't live on jelly beans alone. I've included extra instructions for assembling the garden and the produce boxes below. I have to admit, it's kind of fun to plant paper veggies.

Easter Village Schoolhouse

Easter Egg Village: Schoolhouse

“Bing Bong” ,“Bing Bong” The school bell is ringing for all the little bunnies to come to school! When they arrive, they will be delighted to see such a cheerful, fun, school house complete with see saw and a park bench. I hope you like this little school house and that it’s a fun addition to your bunny neighborhood! I’ve included step by step instructions for easy assembly.

Easter Egg Village: Jelly Bean ...

No Easter Village is complete without a Jelly Bean House. In a village full of Easter preparations there are bound to be a few extra jelly beans after the holiday celebrations are over. Building a house out of the leftover jellybeans is not only very frugal, but totally adorable as well.

Easter Egg Village: Artist Cottage

Welcome to the Artist Cottage. This is where we color the eggs and make our village full of happiness and color. Hop on through the paint brush fence, but watch out for the paint cans scattered around the yard, they just might splash upon your clothes.

Chocolate Bunny Factory SVG Files

Easter Egg Village: Chocolate Bunny ...

Do you remember the Easter baskets of your childhood? For me, the centerpiece was always that big box with the chocolate bunny inside. Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies just seem to go together. Imagine with me what a chocolate bunny factory would look like. Everything would be made of chocolate: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate. The statues at the front door would be chocolate and the fence would be made of chocolate too! (Of course, the weather in town would always be the perfect temperature so the chocolate would not melt.)


Chocolate Easter Bunny Box

Hippity Hoppity, Easter is on its way! Easter is so much fun. It brings us Easter Sunday services, baskets, egg hunts, pretty dresses, and of course chocolate bunnies!!!!

Easter Bonnet Mad Hatter Hat

Mad Hatter Paper Easter Bonnet

Do you remember the Easter Hat Parades when you were at school? Do your children do them now? I’ve been looking for an excuse to use the Mad Hatter cutting file and making an Easter bonnet is my excuse! I had plans to use Easter bunnies, chicks and other Easter symbols on this hat, but when the time came, the lace and flowers that were next to me on my desk called out to be played with and I liked how it looked.

Bunny Easter Egg Stand

Easter Egg Display Stand

There are so many cool egg decorating ideas on Pinterest and some of them look like they might take hours to get just right. Once you've made some amazing eggs, you need a special display for your masterpieces. If you're not up for hours of egg decorating, some pretty chocolate eggs will do the job as well.

Bunny Shaped Easter Card

Hello Craft Room friends, Melinda here with you. Today I am sharing a fun card I created using the Bunny Shaped card cut file from the Craft Room Library. I had so much fun making this cute card. I started by cutting the base of the card out in some light blue cardstock. I then cut out all the pieces.

Gable Gift Boxes

Gable Gift Box Project Pattern

The holidays are here and you, creative friend, have made a sweet treat or gift for a special friend. Have you thought about how you are going to package the gift? Are you going to grab a gift bag at the dollar store or wrap the box in paper? Instead, why not make the package an extension of your gift? This Gable Gift Box is the perfect way to make a gift special inside and out! You can cut a window in the side and line it with plastic to show off your treats or you can make a lovely label and add a special message for your loved one.

Easter Chocolate Egg Box

I love making 3D boxes and the ability to adapt a project using cutting files in the Pazzles Craft Room with my InVue software. For my Easter Egg Box, I am using the Cookie Box in the Pazzles Library which I have resized to make a large box. I added an insert inside, to hold my chocolate Easter Eggs. I measured the size of aperture I needed, then used the multiply tool, and adjusted the distance between them. See here for further instructions on how to use the Multiply Tool.

Easter Basket Bunny Treat Boxes

It's a bunny palooza at the Pazzles office. These guys are hopping around, spreading a little Easter cheer wherever they go. Are you ready to start your own bunny factory? Hold onto your carrots and let's get crafting! Follow the attached instruction for assembly and the back of the bunny will open to hold a surprise.

Easter Pillow Boxes

Easter Pillow Boxes

Wow, Easter around the corner already! It doesn’t feel like Christmas was all that long ago does it? Today’s project is full of beautiful pastels, texture and chocolate! The 3.5” X 4.5” pillow box file is a go to file, and can be adapted for absolutely anything. I’ve decided to use it for some Easter eggs with a little window in the front. To create the window in the front of the pillow box I created a circle on the right side of the cutting file so when it all folds up the window appears on the side where the side flaps fold down. This gives a much cleaner look. Once cut and embossed, attach some acetate to the inside of the box to keep your treats inside. After cutting out each pillow box, I ran each flat folded box through my embossing machine with a different pattern on each one. I did leave the pink ones plain though. Make sure you emboss them before you attach your acetate to the window otherwise you’ll end up with a bumpy window!

Spring is in the Air ...

The days are getting lighter, the bulbs are beginning to flower in the garden and “Spring is in the Air". One of my favorite flowers are daffodils. They somehow mark the beginning of Spring. For my Design Team project today, I have made a planter to sit on my kitchen window. I resized the daffodils from the Build a Bouquet : Daffodil cutting file in the Pazzles Craft Room. I have also used the Berry Basket, but deleted the middle aperture sections to create my planter.

Hoppy Easter Banner

Cottontail Croquet: Easter Banner

When your guests are done making their way through the Briar Patch, welcome them inside for a few sweets. Set out desserts of all kinds and hang this Easter banner above the table. Thanks for joining us this week as we shared our Cottontail Croquet game. We'll be setting up our own Briar Patch games at our houses for Easter festivities. Happy Easter!

Cottontail Croquet: Baskets, Veggies and ...

Now that you've got your Cottontail Croquet game set up, it's time to get down to the game details. Not only are you hitting balls through the briar patch, but along the way you need to collect your veggies and fill your basket. The veggies will be tucked among the grass in the wicket covers and as you pass through a character wicket, you'll collect the veggies and fill your basket.

Cottontail Croquet wicket basket

Cottontail Croquet: Stakes and Chance ...

As we use our 'Bunny Bumper' to hit the 'Cottontail Ball' around the Briar Patch and through the character wickets, the stakes will let you know where to start and finish and when you are half way through. Also in the Briar Patch is the Egg Basket Wicket. This is where you may get a 'boon' or a 'prickle' depending on which 'egg'citing Chance Twist you select. To create the covers for the stakes, choose your cardstock colors. Attach the letters on the first and third section of the cover, before folding and assembling. They simply slip over the top of your stake.

Cottontail Croquet Easter game.

Cottontail Croquet: Wicket Covers

Enjoy time with friends and family as you hop, waddle, strut and frolic through the Briar Patch. Earn rewards as you use your Bunny Bumper (mallet) to hit the 'Cottontail Ball' through the character wickets. And be sure and watch out for 'Bunny Foo Foo' penalties or get help with the 'Chicken Little Helper' rule. Today and all this week we are giving you the pieces for your own Cottontail Croquet game. Rules are coming later this week along with several other pieces. The first pieces for your game are the character wickets. These fun bunnies, chicks, ducks and lambs will help you on your important journey through the Briar Patch.

Easter Candy Toppers

I work in a Reception class at school and the staff always have a hard time thinking of some fun treats that can be made in bulk, whilst still on a budget! This year, I decided to make some Easter toppers for treat bags but they could so easily be made into cake toppers, tags etc. Firstly, I decided on the size I would like to make my circle using my Pazzles software. I then imported the adorable cutting files by Miss Kate Cuttables, found in the Craft Room Library, Chick in Egg and Spring Bunny. The elements of the file are all separated, so you just have to spend a few moments layering all the pieces, whilst referring to the image to make your Print & Cut topper. When you are happy with your image you will need to group it and arrange it in the circle.

Easter Serving Tray

With Easter just around the corner I remembered I was in need of a serving tray. I found this plain white serving tray at a great price and thought my Pazzles and a sheet of vinyl could definitely dress it up. I found the Three Little Bunnies cutting file in the library and thought they would be just perfect for my serving tray. All I did was measure the inside of the serving tray and resize the bunnies to fit perfectly. In just a few minutes I had a custom serving tray to coordinate with my Easter table décor.

Fun Folds 2 Cutting Collection

Our original Fun Folds Collection was one of our most popular collections ever. Introducing the Fun Folds 2 Cutting Collection. Ten brand new card bases ready for you to embellish and create with. Our Fun Fold card bases give you a beautiful starting point for your creations, with no measuring and scoring. I quickly made an Easter card using the Shutter Card file and some Verve stamps. You'll notice that I actually folded this card backwards to create a new look. Instead of the center panel being on the front, I folded it to the back and adhered my oval to just one side of the card. Try this with the other folds to get even more options. The Diamond Fold Card has as completely new look when folded backwards.

Spellbinders Digital Dies Launch Party: ...

The party continues on with another beautiful project by Design Team Member Marjorie Eades. You can also join Klo and Michelle in the Member Chat Area. Marjorie's Blog Marjorie created this elegant Easter card by layering the individual layers of the Cross Collection on top of one another. Adding rhinestones to the die cut image and to the pen tooled sentiment are just the right finishing touch.

All Hopped Up Layout

This layout is often how I felt after an Easter egg hunt with my children and grandchildren. It will be a fun way to show the excitement of young and old as they enjoy the day. After chalking and inking the edges of the pieces, I glued them together. I put a wobble spring on the head to add action and fun to my silly rabbit.

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