Cottontail Croquet: Harvest Baskets

Harvest baskets are part of our Cottontail Croquet Party. Not only are you hitting balls through the briar patch, but along the way you need to collect your veggies and fill your basket.

Cottontail Croquet wicket basket

Cottontail Croquet: Stakes and Chance ...

Part of our Cottontail Croquet party these are the start and finish stakes and the Egg Basket Wicket. This is where you may get a 'boon' or a 'prickle' depending on which 'egg'citing Chance Twist you select.

Cottontail Croquet Easter game.

Cottontail Croquet: Wicket Covers

These character wickets are part of our Cottontail Croquet party. These fun bunnies, chicks, ducks and lambs will help you on your important journey through the Briar Patch.

Easter Candy Toppers

Easter toppers for treats, bags, cake and cupcakes, or just as tags! All made with files from the craft room!

Easter Serving Tray

Turn a plain white tray in to an Easter serving tray with a little vinyl and these bunnies from the craft room library!

Easter Card with Fun Folds

Quickly make an Easter card using the Shutter Card file from theFun Folds 2 Card Bases Cutting Collection and and some Verve stamps.

Easter Cross Card

An elegant Easter card made by layering the individual layers of the Cross Collection from Spellbinders digital dies.

All Hopped Up Layout

This layout is often how I felt after an Easter egg hunt with my children and grandchildren. It will be a fun way to show the excitement of young and old as they enjoy the day.

Spring Party Banner

I love this cute spring banner that can easily be adapted for any event! Made with files from the Craft Room Library!

Easter Egg Carton Carrier

An easy-to-assemble egg carton cover your kids can use to store their eggs in and take home after the egg hunt!

Easter Party Spring Cupcake Wrappers

Four spring-themed cupcake wrappers - a bunny, bird nest, basket, and flower pot. If cupcakes aren't your thing, fill with candy or healthy snacks instead.

Easter Sunrise Pocket Page

Easter Sunday pocket page with tons of pockets to slip photos in. An easy layout to put together and fill!

Easter Bunny Lattice Basket

I had so much fun creating this little Easter basket. The possibilities are endless using files from the Craft Room Library.

Sweet and Easy Treat Basket

A simple basket for the kids to fill with chocolate eggs. Made with images from the Pazzles Craft Room library!

Carrot Box and Memory Game

A beautiful lattice carrot treat box and Easter Egg memory game will be the perfect addition to any Easter basket this year!

Easter Bird Scrapbook Layout

This fun Easter layout features bunny ear-wearing birds. This layout actually goes together very quickly with room for 7 pictures!

Paper Easter Basket, Eggs, and ...

The Easter Bunny stopped by and left behind a special Easter surprise: a splendid spring Easter basket full of dimensional paper treats including fill-able Easter eggs and a chocolate bunny wrap!

Covering Chipboard Shapes

Have you noticed all of the chipboard shapes available? There are letters and shapes both simple and more detailed. Do you ever find one particular shape that is just begging you to buy it and turn it into something wonderful? And have you ever bought one of those shapes and spent hours painting it, or hand tracing and cutting paper to go on it? I have to admit that in the past I have passed up those fun shapes because I did not want to spend a lot of time making the project. Plus, why buy a chipboard shape when I can cut chipboard on my Inspiration?

Easter Egg Card

Crack open the egg to open a cute little spring chick in this happy Easter card!

Custom Easter Eggs with Vinyl Resist

Vinyl Easter Egg Stickers

Add a new twist to egg decorating this year by making vinyl stickers for the eggs that are a kind of mask that would prevent color from getting on the area of the egg underneath it.

Lollipop Covers with Verve™ Stamps

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Easter is almost here! Over here in the west side of the country we've been having chillier weather than normal . In fact we had a heavy snow fall just a few days ago! You can imagine that the weather is making it even harder to put my mind in spring mode! I think however, that this project did the trick for me. This project is so simple and I just love how it turned out.

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