Fathers Day

Dutch Door Cards

These cards are reminiscent of the Dutch doors that opened in the middle, allowing you to see out the top half of the door. The cards are quick to make with only a few elements to put together. Just pick your papers and enjoy!

Hidden Riches Exploding box

Hidden Riches Octagon Exploding Box

This octagonal exploding box is sure to WOW the outdoorsman recipient. It can serve as a treat box, gift card holder, or a gift item up to 3 inches deep, wide, and tall.  But it is more than a gift box, as it creates a lovely display as a reminder for the outdoorsman of the hidden riches he cherishes about his outdoor adventures. This 3D project uses a basic octagon exploding box design that I created, that you will find to be an extremely versatile design for many different themes. You can find the cutting file in the Pazzles Craftroom Image Library.

Grill Master Father’s Day Apron

Does your husband, father, brother, son or cousin always brag about being the best Grill Master? If they do, please pay attention to this project for something really simple to do, that they will cherish this Father’s Day. For this project I used the Grill, Fire and BBQ Grill cut files.

Hands Down Best Dad Bag

Hands Down Best Dad Bag

June is quite busy for some of you. Are there grads and dads that you want to honor? Pazzles can help. The Craft Room makes celebrations quick. I found several great files that help me celebrate these to special occasions. First I made some simple graduation cards. I even used the Print & Cut method to make my sentiments. For the cards I used the 2014 Photo Booth Hat and the Grad Girl files Next I made a small gift bag for a boy graduating.

Father's Day Handmade Card Idea

Farm Style Father’s Day Card

Hello Craft Room friends, today is my turn to share here in the Craft Room. I was tasked with creating a Father’s Day card. This is what I came up with. It is a different theme from what I would consider a “typical” Father’s Day Card. I started by using the Father’s Day Chicken Wire theme card cut file set found exclusively in the Pazzles Craft Room. From there I used a kraft cardstock base.

Dads grads and babies pullout cards

Dads, Grads, and Babies Pull ...

Watching the recipient pull this card out of the envelope is so much fun and I can guarantee your card will be the most unique and most impressive.

InVue Project Pattern: Gift Card ...

I have found that gift cards are a simple and fail safe way to give a gift. So often I don’t know exactly what to give the person. I don’t know their size, taste in music, or how they decorate their home. In those cases, a gift card seems to make the most sense. However, I do like to personalize that gift, if possible, by giving a small item with it such as earrings or candy. I also like to make sure that the gift card is presented in a more individualized manner. That’s why these little pillow box packages are perfect for me. I can tuck the gift card in and there is enough room for a pair of earrings, a premium chocolate, or any other tiny item I come up with. This project pattern includes designs for Mom, Dad and the graduate but it is easily customized for other events as well.

Mom and Pop Cutting Collection

Mom and Pop Cutting Collection: ...

Allow me to introduce you to our latest cutting collection, Mom and Pop. This was such a fun collection to make! I tried to think of all the little pieces you might need to celebrate mom and dad on their special days. I've included gift boxes like the remote box and the purse box, and special shadow box cards that are fairly easy to make, but pack a huge wow factor. My favorite piece in the collection is the hairy mustache shaped card!

Gatefold Card Project Pattern

Shaped Gatefold Cards Project Pattern

I love to make cards where the shape fits the contours of the design. For this month's project pattern I decided to challenge myself and see if I could start with a Valentine's card and end up with 6 different themed cards. I have to admit it was a lot of fun and once I got started it was hard to stop! The gatefold card design enabled me to rotate the card in 3 different directions making it easy to come up with all kinds of ideas.

10 Things I Love About You Mini Album

Masculine Week: 10 Things I ...

I have always loved mini albums, but I haven't felt I could do them. There always seemed to be so much in them and I didn't think I had the creativity to put all those pieces and things together, so I just avoided doing them. Well, I really started thinking about it and realized that maybe I wasn't the only one avoiding doing a mini album for the same reason, so I set out to create a simple, yet creative album that would showcase the photos and the story I really wanted to tell.

Masculine Week: Fishing Card and ...

Join the Design Team for a week of masculine inspiration. It's all leading up to dad's big day and you'll be ready with cards and gifts that knock his socks off. Hello crafty friends, Melin here with you today. Sharing a fun masculine gift box and card set with a fishing theme. To start with, I selected the Tall Gable Box cut file from the Craft Room. I used some sturdy Blue Bazzill cardstock for the structure. I then added some fishing themed patterned paper from Karen Foster.

Masculine Week: Jeep Shaped Card

Join the Design Team for a week of masculine inspiration. It's all leading up to dad's big day and you'll be ready with cards and gifts that knock his socks off. Today we have a special guest designer to share a manly card with us. Those of you who have been with Pazzles for a while might remember Amanda, Christine's daughter.

Formal Suit Card

Join the Design Team for a week of masculine inspiration. It's all leading up to dad's big day and you'll be ready with cards and gifts that knock his socks off. I’m always admiring other people’s cards on Pinterest and looking for ideas I haven’t tried yet. Since I find masculine themes so tricky I thought I’d give myself a challenge and try something that caught my eye. I’m really pleased with how this turned out and it could be used for a wedding or a formal event.

Father's Day Pocket Knife Gift Box

Masculine Week: Pocket Knife Gift ...

Join the Design Team for a week of masculine inspiration. It's all leading up to dad's big day and you'll be ready with cards and gifts that knock his socks off. Ok I admit it, I tend to leave the guys out of the equation when I’m crafting. I think its because I love using pink, flowers, butterflies, and glitter. Lol. Sorry guys. But not to worry, this one is for you!

Father's Day Snack Pack Gift

Dad’s Day Snack Pack

It's a scientific fact that men like snacks. This is based on my own research and observations of the 10-12 men I spend the most time with, so it must be true on a larger scale.

Candy Bar Wrappers

Father’s Day Candy Wrappers

Dads wear lots of shirts, and sometimes many different ones in a single day. What shirts does your dad or spouse wear? It's soon time to celebrate all of the things a dad does and we've made up a batch of Father's Day candy wrappers to help you show dad just how sweet he is. We've covered some of the basics with a flannel shirt, suit and tie, scrubs and a t-shirt you can customize for whatever your dad is into. I'll be making an I love TV shirt for my dad who is recently retired and spending a lot of time catching up on years of shows he's missed.

Cool Cars Cutting Collection

Time to rev up those engines ladies and gentleman and get ready for a parade of cool cars! We know how much the Pazzles Express Christmas Train was loved, and we wanted to give you a summertime version that you could cut out and have fun making your own. The Cool Cars Cutting Collection was inspired by small town summer parades where all the classic cars roll down the street as the crowd cheers and waves. Craft Room members will find the cutting files for all six cars in the New Section of the Craft Room Library.

Jiffy Pop Father’s Day Treat ...

My husband loves popcorn and there isn’t a more fun way to pop it than in a Jiffy Pop tin! It’s an actual event at our house! I know my husband will pop his with the kids. They will spend time together and have fun doing it! This Father’s Day Jiffy Pop card goes together quickly and will provide a little fun for your Father’s Day! To make this project begin by cutting out all the pieces for your card. I used the Necktie Shaped Box insert and tie clip from the Craft Room library. The rest of the file is new and is provided for you below. I used the Print and Cut technique for all the wording on the card.

Make Your Own Moustache Wrapping ...

Do you realize how easy it is to design your own digital papers using your software? I thought I would make my own wrapping paper for my Father’s Day gift. One point to bear in mind is that you are limited to the size of your printer but I used an A4 sheet of paper to wrap up my husband’s computer game which was just perfect! Obviously, if you have a wide format printer you will be able to wrap a larger present with your own personalized design. I imported the Six Mustaches cutting file into a rectangle of A4/Letter sized proportions. I arranged the mustaches, then duplicated and multiplied the design to cover the complete page that would effectively be my printed sheet. A helpful video tutorial in the Pazzles Craft Room is Making Duplicates which I encourage you to watch. To add extra definition to the printed sheet I filled my rectangle using Bazill Paper Texture found in the colour menu.

Father’s Day Fishing Pole

My kids have fishing in their genes. Both my husband and father-in-law are avid fly fisherman, which usually results in a fish themed Father's Day. The gifts and the conversation are usually focused around their fishing obsession and I make them each a fishing themed card. Won't they be surprised this year when I present them with this paper fishing pole? I'm tempted to re-cut the fish at a huge size to match their fish tales. The reel pulls apart and is actually a box where you can tuck a small gift. Attach sweet notes from the kids on the back of each fish, or use them for candy or gift cards. Dad will be thrilled to know that you consider him your greatest catch!

Father’s Day Paper Necktie

All tied up trying to think of a great gift you can make for the special man in your life? This Father's Day paper tie project might just be the perfect way to show that your Pazzles Inspiration can do more than just create cute cards and layouts—you can wear your designs too! Have fun making this simple sentiment of love and send dad off to work in style.

Father’s Day Coupon Card

When my kids were little they always wanted to do something special for dad. My husband didn't go to a job where they wore ties and he isn't much of a construction or sports guy, so it was always hard for the kids to find a special gift for their dad. That is when we started doing coupons for dad. This card has a little pocket on the inside of the card to hold your special coupons. You can have your little ones create their own coupons using the pieces you cut out or go and print them out from the many different places that have them on the internet. I found these really cute ones from Algofm after a Google search for Father's Day Coupons.

Who’s Your Caddy Paper Golf ...

I love summer for all the obvious reasons; warm days, swimming, the sunshine, and green grass. I love it even more because I get to go golfing! You can enjoy all that summer has to offer out on the golf course. Yes, even swimming, if you’ve hit the water hazard on the fairway and you’re searching for your Srixon golf ball. Do not ask for details. I’ll just say thank goodness they come in neon colors and are easy to spot. This golf cart project was inspired by many fun memories with friends out on the course enjoying a leisurely day hitting a little white ball ridiculously far distances in hopes to land it in a little 4 ¼” hole.

Tech Bytes Cutting Collection: WPC, ...

Whether you are a fan of the latest and greatest smart phone, or still embracing the floppy disk, this technology inspired collection has it all. We've made sure to include something for every type of project in this Tech Bytes Cutting Collection. If you are a card maker, scrapbooker, or lover of dimensional boxes and projects, you'll find something that will delight your inner geek. Make something special for the computer whisperer in your life. The title in this collection would be fun for t-shirt designs when cut out of Pazzles Iron-On Material.

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