Off Duty Beer Stein

I will always need more ideas for quick, clever custom gifts and this one hits all the right notes! Get a beer stein (about $3 at Walmart) and customize it with glass etching, as shown here, or just with vinyl. Then fill with caramel colored candies and top with marshmallows for an adorable unique gift!

I have included several versions of this file. In addition to “Dad Off Duty” there is also Mom, Papa, Nana, Grandma, and Grandpa off-duty. Have a special name you want to add? No problem, I included the “Off Duty” badge and each letter of the “Dad” font so that you can use your own name! Just put your name together, place the “Off Duty” badge over top and use WYSiWYG to make your design!

I filled the stein with Worther’s caramel candies (super yummy and the perfect color) but you can do other “beer colored” candies like butterscotch. I then topped it off with marshmallows for the foam!

Glass etching looks intimidating but is actually so simple. All you do is measure your area and resize your design (my design is 3.5″ across). Then create a stencil out of vinyl, put it on your glass, apply the etching creme, let sit for ~15 minutes and rinse off. How easy is that?

If you’d like more detailed instructions, below is an awesome how-to video on glass etching that has lots of great extra tips!

Glass Etching

With the ability to create our own designs and cut out vinyl, it makes glass etching so fun. This video will teach you how to apply the vinyl and cream to get just the perfect look.

Scrap of vinyl
Transfer Tape
Beer Stein
Glass Etching Cream (used Etch-All cream)
Caramel colored candies

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