Top Secret Code Card

It’s going to be hard to go back to cards with just regular messages after this super cool card. This card includes a secret message and a decoder to decipher your message!

Four spinning wheels help you decode the secret message. Here’s how it works:

The secret message appears on the top of the open card as dashed lines with numbers underneath. Beneath the message are four wheels. Each wheel has one letter with a dot on it. Around each wheel are numbers, one of which has an arrow above it.

To decode:
1. Line up the dotted letter with the given number
2. Find the letter underneath the arrow
3. Write it down on the dashed line to decipher your message.

The card includes three pre-made secret messages “Happy Birthday”, “I Love You”, and “You Rock”. But it is super fun to just make your own secret messages, you can also just hand write dashes and numbers on your card if you prefer. To make it easier, here is a decoded list of letters you can use for your message.

To assemble the card just use a pen tool to draw the details and cut out each piece. Then attach the four wheels using 4 brads. IMPORTANT: make sure your wheels are in the same order as shown in the picture or the codes will not work! Make sure to double check your code before you write it on your cad!

Pen tool and black pen
Light brown cardstock
Dark brown cardstock
Red cardstock
4 brads
Ink for around edges of card (optional)

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Amanda Vander Woude




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