Recycled Paper Flower Pots

I always have leftover paper scraps that I don’t know what to do with and I thought this would be a great project for Earth Day or anytime, because it’s recycling and not wasting paper. Here is a video link showing how to make the paper.

I wanted to make seed paper with flower seeds and include everything needed to start them to give as gifts. You can always use herb seeds and all sorts of other plant seeds. I purchased these inexpensive pots at Michaels and painted them with acrylic paint to match the flower paper. I dyed the excelsior with vinegar and food dye to match the pots. To do this, put some excelsior in a baggie along with 4 tbsp. vinegar and 4 drops of food coloring. Keep mixing until you get the color you want. Add more or less dye to get the color you want. Add more vinegar if too dry. Let sit for an hour and then take out of the baggie and let dry overnight on wax paper.

I used my Pazzles Vue machine to cut out the flowers and butterflies. The flowers and butterflies are from the Pazzles Craft Room Library. I first attached repositionable adhesive paper to one side of the seed paper and then used painters tape to adhere the edges of this paper to the mat with the repositionable paper face up. I do this so my paper doesn’t move around while cutting.  While using the texture paper setting for all the cuts, I set the pressure at 21 for the first cut. I then made another cut with the pressure at 25. Now I make one more cut with the blade length at 3 and the pressure at 21. I do this to make a nice clean cut. I have tried other ways and this is the only way that worked for me. You might have to play with the settings on your machine. I then cut out the stamens, decorative band and ribbons. I used liquid pearls for the center of the stamens. I removed the repositionable paper and glued the stamens on the flowers and then used the hot glue gun to attach the 18 gauge florist wire to the back of the flower. I glued the band around the pots and then glued the ribbon. I used peat pellets to place inside the pots. I used three or four stacked depending on the size of your pot. I poked holes in the top peat pellet to hold the wire attached to the flowers and butterflies. I placed the flowers and butterflies in the top peat pellet and placed the colored excelsior on top of that. To plant, just remove the flowers or butterflies from the wire and the stamens. Fill the pots with water and let the dirt appear from the pellets. Bury the flower seed paper 1/8” deep and keep moist and wait for the flowers to bloom!  I can’t wait to give these as gifts.

Lots of scrap paper (I shredded mine in a paper shredder)
Cardstock (for ribbons, band and stamens)
Small Clay Pots
Acrylic Paint  & Paint brush (for painting the pots)
Xyron Creative Station Repositionable Adhesive with copy paper
Flower seeds
Peat Pellets
18 gauge Florist Wire
Food Dye
Aleene’s Max Tack Adhesive (for the band and ribbons)
Glue gun (for the wire to attach to the flowers)
Liquid Pearls (optional)

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