Flower Jars Trio Decor: Lights. Candy. Accessorize.

Spruce up a trio of canning jars with these beautiful dimensional flowers and fill them with fairy lights and candies for a table centerpiece or entryway decoration (or use individual jars as gifts filled with candies (or even with bath fizz bombs to pamper a friend for her birthday.)

To make these wonderful jars, choose dimensional flowers from the Spring Rolled Flowers Collection – I used these files with the following paper colors:
Daisy in creme and yellow
Pointed Petal Flower in pink
Realistic Flower in light blue
Wave Flower in medium blue
Rough Edge Flower in lavender

Cut and assemble the flowers using hot glue and tweezers/cotton swab (you can roll the ends of the petals around the stick of the swab for a nice curl  or a flower shaping tool- see the tutorial available in the Pazzles Craft Room in the Spring Rolled Flowers post.  Attach the leaves to the bottoms of the flowers.  Attach the flowers to the tops of the jars using the dimensional foam dot stickers, adhering the flowers over the markings on the lids.

Fill one jar with the fairy lights and trail the cord and battery box out of the top of the jar.  Place the battery box into the zipper sandwich bag and then into another jar to the right; fill around the battery box in the bag with jelly bean candies or other small candies.  Fill a third jar with chocolate or malted milk balls and add the flower lids and gently screw on the bands, especially being careful to not tighten the bands on the two jars with lights/light cords/battery box; just get the band snug enough to stay put.  Display the Flower Jar Trio as your dinner table centerpiece or elsewhere in your home to add a pretty touch to your festivities.

Quilling Tool
Cotton swab
Flower Shaping Tools
Creme paper from Neutrals CRAFT SMITH 48 sheet paper pad
Pink, yellow, lavender, light blue, medium blue, light green Cardstock
Dark green 12” by 12” Die Cuts With a View, The Linen Closet Cardstock Stack, Premium Cardstock
3 quart canning jars with lids and bands
Low-temp hot glue sticks and glue gun
Dimensional foam dot stickers
Fairy lights 
Candy: chocolate, malted milk and jelly bean eggs
Plastic zipper sandwich bag

Other fillers for single-jar gifts such as: bath fizz bombs – or make the amazing Chocolate Easter Bunny Box resized to fit inside a quart canning jar! Add Easter grass and another Spring Rolled Flower inside the jar for a super cute look!




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