Let Love Grow Planter

I am a little obsessed with succulents right now. They are so pretty and easy to care for and come in so many different shapes, colors and sizes. I already filled a huge planter outside with them but I wanted to bring some inside!

I used some gold vinyl and cut out this design and applied it to a white mug. I have included downloadable instructions but here is the basic idea…

1. Cut the vinyl design out
2. Remove all the “extra” vinyl so that only your design is left
3. Cut a piece of transfer tape and lay it over top of your vinyl design. Rub it down firmly.
4. Lift the transfer tape up, your design should come with it. You may need to lift small corners at first to encourage your design to release from its backing.
5. Carefully align on your mug. I actually put the vinyl backing back on very gently (so that I had a sandwich with the vinyl design in between its old backing and the transfer tape) so that I could eyeball the position on my mug without anything sticking down. Once positioned pull out the backing and press your design down working from the middle out.
6. Make sure your design is pressed down well and then peel away the transfer tape.

This is an incredibly quick project – the most time consuming part will be choosing your succulents and how you want to arrange them. Some suggestions – pick some taller succulents, some low, full ones, and, though I didn’t do this, one that spills over the side makes for a beautiful set.

Let me preface this next statement by saying that I am in no way a succulent expert. However, I did do some research and know that succulents need to be in soil that drains quickly or the roots may start to rot. You can get special soil for succulents for this or alternatively you can add small rocks to your potting soil.

I also added a few rocks to the top in-between the succulents. This gives them stability and gives it a more finished look.

These are great as a thank you gift, house warming gift, Mother’s Day…there are tons of applications but I’d suggest if you plan on it as a gift that you make two because you’ll definitely want to keep one for yourself!

1 solid colored mug
Vinyl in color of your choice (I used gold)
Plants (I used succulents)
Extra planting soil
Small rocks (optional)

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Amanda Vander Woude




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