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    • looks awesome! Motorcycle2.jpg
      The snowman is from the Craft Room library and there are snowflakes in the library too. I think Klo ... IMAG0001.JPG
      This turned out wonderfully! I'm so glad my tip helped! Xmas_2012_Cover_001.JPG
      what a fun way to use the hot air balloon box! thanks for sharing! DSC05872.JPG
      I know I already said this in person but this turned out great and what a thoughtful gift to commemo... Pugsley-Frame-Web.jpg
      adorable! DSC01740_-_Reindeer_Games_Bingo_Cards_-_Pazzles_Inspiration_-_ilove2cutpaper.jpg
      We do archive all the classes so you can watch them after the fact - you lose the live interaction b... IMG_2918.JPG
      this turned out wonderfully! IMG00759-20120712-2049.jpg
      we are always our worst critic, I think it is very cute :) IMG_0907.JPG
      oh I love that you turned it in to a reindeer! Great idea! ReindeerBox.JPG