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How to uninstall and reinstall the program

Step 1: Note and record the current port settings. Click SETTINGS and then click Plotter Codes.
Step 2: Remove all Pazzles Creative Cutter registry files If you have saved any file within the Pazzles Creative Cutter program in the Image folder, save them in another location before beginning this procedure!
         1. Point to Start at the bottom-left corner of you computer screen, and click All Programs.
         2. Click Pazzles Creative Cutter, click Tools, and then click Pazzles Creative Cutter Registry.
         3. In the box that appears, select and delete all registry files.
Step 3: Unistall the Pazzles Creative Cutter program
         1. Open your Control Panel on your computer, then go to Add/Remove programs.
         2. Click Pazzles Creative Cutter Creative Cutter 2005 or 2007, and then click the remove button to the right of it.
Step 4: Delete the Signmax and Pazzles Creative Cutter folders
         1. Point to Start and then click My Computer.
         2. Select the C: drive and click the folder named Program files. (If you get a message about hidden folders, select to see hidden folders).
         3. In the Program Files folder look for a Signmax folder and delete it.
Step 5: Search and delete other files
         1. Close all windows until you return to your Desktop screen. Then, point to Start and click Search.
         2. Select to search all files, type Pazzles Creative Cutter in the box, and click Search.
         3. Delete any files found.
         4. Repeat the search process, typing Signmax in the box. The only folder you should see is the Signmax folder in the Recycle Bin.
Step 6: Reinstall the program
         1. Insert disc and follow directions 
         2. After installing, re-check the registry files. Delete any you find 
         3. Restart the computer. The registry files will rebuild.
         4. In Pazzles Creative Cutter, set up the driver and port.