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The program aborts or generates a run-time error

Generally there are a few very common reasons for a runtime error. All of these are easily avoidable once you know what they are.

Issue: You are using software version Letter 14.0 and are trying to open files for version 2005. 
Solution: Make sure you open the cutting file folder that says 12.0 or 14.0.

Issue: You are using software version Letter 2005 and are trying to open files created in an older version of the program. 
Solution: If your files are not in a folder marked _05, they are in the old version. You must import those files into the 2005 version. 

Issue: You are trying to outline and you chose multiple outlines.
Solution: Three is the maximum safe number of outlines. After three, click on the outermost outline and do the outline function again.

Issue: You are trying to outline and you have chosen TOO large of an outline.
Solution: Reduce the size of the outline.

Issue: The memory in your computer is full. The program tries to remember every move you make so that you can use the Un-Do function.
Solution: Clean the memory by going to HELP and choosing Clean Memory, OR go to the Setting menu and select SET UP. On the Document page, click Undo and change the number of saved steps to 10 or fewer.

Issue: Errors occur when you have open paths. These are points next to each other that should be joined.
Solution: Use the Show Open Paths tool to find the problem. It appears on the bottom of the toolbar on the right side of the screen. It has a question mark beside a line with two dots. Then close the open paths with the Join two points tool.

Issue: You are using the Sort Inline before Outline function. 
Solution: Check to see if you have circles or ovals made with the Draw tool. These objects have no beginning or end point. Apparently, this confuses the program! Create some points on them by using the Break and Move tool. 

Issue: You have too many programs running in the background. They are all using memory to one degree or another. There is not enough memory to execute a function and you can get a runtime error.
Solution: Close background programs that are not necessary. Especially check the icons in the lower-right corner of your desktop screen. These tray icons mean that the program is running at least minimally in the background. Usually you can right click on the icon and bring up a menu that will allow you to shut them off. Common ones that seem to be default with Windows are QuickTime, AOL, Outlook Express, and some scanners and printers.