Pazzles Craft Room is a premium resource for electronic crafting systems. This vibrant, talented, and growing community of crafters are enjoying the exclusive and wide range of benefits provided by being a member of Pazzles Craft Room. Pazzles Craft Room provides our members with:

  • Extensive Catalog of High Resolution Easy To Follow Video Tutorials
  • Massive Library of Pre-Designed Cuttable Images For Use With Pazzles Creative Cutters
  • Exclusive Help For Members From Talented Pazzles Designers
  • Amazing Projects With Recipes and Instructions
  • Member and Staff Photo Albums In Pazzles Albums
  • Community Forums
  • Exclusive Members Only Discount Store
  • and More!

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Jeremy and Holly Vander Woude Owners
Jeremy & Holly took over ownership of Pazzles in 2012 after managing the business since 2006. Jeremy brings his technical expertise to Pazzles after years of experience working in the technology field as a software engineer and engineering manager for 12 years. Jeremy currently serves as President & CEO. Holly balances the team out with her tasteful eye and creative & crafty nature. Holly serves as Treasurer and Secretary as well as managing Pazzles’ local retail outlet: Inspiration Boutique.
Simon and Chris Vander Woude Founders
Chris founded the company originally to sell her paper piecing designs in the early days of scrapbooking. Before long, Simon became heavily involved in the business, both in Pazzles’ early manufacturing ventures, such as the famous Pazzles chalk applicator, and in business operations. Chris and Simon developed the process of electronic paper cutting and introduced both the concept and the business to the scrapbooking world with the launch of the Creative Cutter Pro. Today Chris continues to be heavily involved in the educational and creative aspects of the company and serves as Vice-President. Simon remains available for consultation but has gladly handed over most responsibilities to pursue other interests.
Anthony Ourada Technical Support, Information Systems, and Web Development
Camilla Hoke Distribution, Wholesale Manager and Customer Service
Klo Oxford Nationwide Events Manager, Designer and Senior Instructor
Peter Pecsek Manufacturing, Service, Shipping Operations Manager
Amanda Vander Woude Craft Room Editor