April Fool’s

Smile Emoji Bouquet

Bring a big smile to your friend, family or co-workers with this 'smiling' bouquet. National smile week is the second week of august or what about "flowers" for a fun and harmless April Fool's joke?

Frog Prince Card

Sometimes we read a little more in to something than what is actually said. This card takes advantage of that by cleverly promising a prince. Hey, the card never said what KIND of prince, there can be frog princes too! This adorable card is great for any occasion and is sure to give the recipient a smile.

Fool For You Kinetic Card

We thought it would be a great idea to make April Fool's Cards as one of our projects. When we went looking around for inspiration though we were surprised at how little there is out there! What we could find was usually tasteless and/or unkind. Perhaps April Fool's day isn't exactly the kind of day most NICE people think to make a card, but we were determined that it could be done!

All Fools Day Card

I would show you the inside of this card but...there isn't one! That's the trick, the "money" is stuck inside a card that will not open. At least it is fake money!