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Inspiration Not Detected with InVue on Windows 7, 8 or 10

Please note, the Inspiration is older, designed for older technology.  To get a newer computer to talk to the Inspiration, additional steps may be required.

USB 2.0 Port Must be Used

The Inspiration must be plugged into a USB 2.0 port.  The Inspiration is not USB 3.0 compatible.  You will want to located a USB port on your computer that is compatible.  If there is not one, you can purchase a USB hub that converts the 3.0 port to 2.0 port.

Inspiration Not Detected Error

If you go to make your first cut and you receive an error that the Inspiration is not detected or nothing happens you will want to follow the steps below.

  1. Open Device Manager.  If you do not know how to find your device manager, in the “Type here to search” bar at the bottom of your screen type “Device Manager”.  You will want to click on the “Best Match” listed as “Device Manager Control Panel”.
  2. Expand the category “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”  using the little arrow to the left.  Universal Serial Bus Controllers will be near the bottom the and list should be in alphabetical order.
  3. Find “USB Serial Converter” (cutter must be powered on and connected to computer)
  4. Right click “USB Serial Converter”
  5. Select Properties
  6. Select the Advanced Tab.  (if there is not an advanced tab see below, the FDTI driver will need to be installed).
  7. UNCHECK “Load VCP”.   You do not want a check mark next to “Load VCP”.  Leave “Enable Selective Suspend” unchecked as well.
  8. Click OK
  9. Close Device Manger
  10. Restart Inspiration by power it off then back on and try a new test cut

If Advanced Tab Is Not Available

If there is no advanced button you will want to install the Windows USB Driver from here  Before downloading the driver, close all programs that are open on the computer. Once this is installed the Advanced tab will be available and you will need to walk through the steps again.

The requested operation requires elevation error

When installing the FTDI driver, if you get ‘The requested operation requires elevation’ error, close InVue software and turn off cutter.  If you still get it, close all programs open on your computer and turn off your Inspiration.

Virus Scanners and the InVue Software

If you are having issues cutting, installing InVue or FTDI drivers and you have virus protection on your computer, the virus protection is likely blocking communication.  While installing the FTDI drivers you will want to disable your live protection.  You will also need to go into your virus protection/ firewall settings and allow both the InVue software and Inspiration to access your computer.

  1. Close all open programs
  2. Disable virus scanner live protection
  3. Click here to download FTDI driver 
  4. From the bottom of the browser window or downloaded items click on the CDM_2.08.30.exe file.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the drivers.  If there is an error “Elevation Required” close all open programs.
  6. Open virus software; InVue software and probably machine will need to be added to allowed apps to access computer.
  7. Enable virus live protection.

Print and Cut Button in InVue Cut Control

Make sure the print and cut button in the InVue cut control panel is not selected.  This feature in the InVue software was designed for the Vue machine.  The Inspiration does not have the same print and cut options as the Vue and using the Print and Cut button in the InVue Cut Control can cause communication issues with the Inspiration.