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Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 License Number Issues

Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 software is a 3rd party software that is no longer sold, developed or supported.  If a license number was not previously purchased or has been lost there is not one available and Pazzles InVue software should be used or purchased.

You can find the download at www.pazzles.net; Support; Downloads; Inspiration Studio; 2014.  Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 can be installed on one computer at a time and transferred up to 5 times.

If you have installed the software and entered the license number on a different computer you will be required during software installation to transfer the license number.  To do so open the software on the computer you would like to transfer from and select Help; Transfer License.  You can transfer the software up to 5 times.  If you are unable to open the software on the computer with it installed, during the installation process it should walk you through transferring the license.  If there are issues with this, unfortunately Pazzles is not able to assist with transfer or licensing.  This is a 3rd party software that is no longer being developed or supported by the manufacturer.

If you are being prompted to log in while trying to access the Inspiration Studio Pro 2014 software, this is something the manufacturer has put in the software.  Although it looks like it is affiliated to Pazzles, it is not.  This log in information will not be affiliated with your Pazzles Craft Room log in information or any of Pazzles records.  This is something that has been set up and will be sent to SignMax.us the developer/manufacturer of the software.  You will want to create a new account to log in if you have not already done so.