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Registration Request Loop


This page will show you how to fix the issue of the recurring registration request in the Pro 2014 software [a known bug on newer systems]


There is a bug in the 2014 software that causes the software to not recognize prior activations.
The steps below, if followed correctly, should resolve this bug.

When prompted for your login credentials in the software, you may just create an account using your email, or if that does not work, you can make one up (the email is not tied directly into Pazzles’ systems, and is used mainly to keep track of trial users).
If you are using your email, set it up using the same password as your Craft Room account, if you have one, for the sake of remembering it.

Once this is done, you will be prompted again for your activation code. Once you put it in, you may be prompted for it again to ‘transfer’ the license.

Finish this activation procedure and then follow the steps below.

• Close the software.

• Open your File Explorer on your computer.

• Open your File Explorer and navigate to ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Entreprises SignMax inc\Inspiration studio pro 2014’ (on 64 bit systems) or ‘C:\Program Files\Entreprises SignMax inc\Inspiration studio pro 2014’ (on 32 bit systems) and find the file called “regdelete”. Run this file by double clicking on it. You will want to remove the registry entries in there.
Once that is done, close the program.

• Navigate to your ‘Documents\Inspiration Studio Pro 2014’ folder on your computer.

• Delete the file “CertificatPazzle14”

• Navigate to your appdata folder by typing the following into your File Explorer navigation bar: “%LOCALAPPDATA%” (Without the quotes).

• Once you are in the appdata/local folder, delete the file titled “CertificatPazzle14”

• Launch the software. Go through the login and activation process again.

• Close the software and re-launch it. You should now be able to use the software without the need to re-activate it each time.

If This issue does not resolve the problem, you can submit a support ticket here.