September Challenge

What does September mean to you? For me, it has changed throughout the years. As a child it meant an end to the lazy days of summer and back to school. I loved the process of back to school: buying new pens, pencils, crayons, etc. As a young mother, it meant that my kids were going to be going back to school, which meant volunteering for field trips, reading with kids, and more. Now as an older person without kids, it means it is getting colder, getting the yard ready for winter and of course, college football.

This month’s challenge is to create a project or layout on what September means to you. Whether is it back to school, winter yard preparation, football, volleyball or something else, just have fun.

After you have completed your project, go put it in the September Challenge Folder. Then about September 20, we will announce the winner of the random drawing.

Click here to go to the September Challenge folder

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2 comments on “September Challenge

    Hi Klo,

    There is no September challenge folder set up, and I miraculously have an entry already (made today)!!!
    I will post it in my cards album.

  2. Christine says:

    Misty, the folder is up now. 🙂

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