Thanksgiving Turkey Boxes

A few weeks back the Pazzles team was creating boxes based off of a round box file that Chris created. I got a phone call from Klo and Stephanie, they were half giggling as they asked if it was ok for them to do something “a little bit different” with the box. I said sure and hung up the phone smiling and wondering what on earth those two were up to. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long to find out as they showed me these absolutely awesome and adorable turkeys (They showed me some other things too but you will have to wait until December for that!)! I love these silly little turkeys which stand up on their own and open up to reveal a box inside. I find it hard to refrain from smiling every time I look at them. What a fun way to decorate for Thanksgiving! You can check out more pictures of these little guys in the gallery by clicking here to see them close up and get a better idea of how they open into a box.

As I mentioned, this file is based off of a round box. So there are two cutting files and two sets of instructions – one each for the box and then for the turkey version. You’ll see this awesome round box file pop up in the future again as we reveal a few other great ways to use it. I love files like this that can be used in so many different ways!

Here are the cutting files and instructions!

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24 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey Boxes

  • Sharon V Rausch

    These are so cute. I will use this idea to make so many different things, but I am going to start on making these. I love these cute little guys.

  • angie contreras

    Omg!! These are sooo cute!! Amanda, I agree with you just looking at them makes me smile. Thanks for the adorable cutting files.

  • Victoria Kee

    LOL…I find myself snickering. These are adorable. I think that I am going to make these for my dessert party coming up later this month and fill them with dark chocolates…to be taken home. They will love these. I had been trying to come up with an idea…you solved that! Thanks!

    BTW…..leave it to Queen Klo and Lady Stephanie to come up with this! 🙂

  • Klo Oxford

    I had so much fun doing these and I am so excited to be able to share them….I can hardly wait for everyone to see what Steph did…you will LOVE them too

  • Phyllis Hall

    My cutting files are coming through as computer “gibberish”–in other words Unreadable. Since I am on a Mac should I go to my
    PC to get the cutting files?

  • Michelle Fowler

    Love love love these, can’t wait to make some for my daughter’s preschool Thanksgiving Day Feast.

  • Cheryl Strausser


    These little guys are so cute!

    How do I separate the pieces so I can cut only the pieces I want? When I try to cut the feathers the machine keeps cutting the picture of the completed project. If I remove the picture the machine doesn’t cut anything.

  • Wanda Gray

    These are adorable, but slightly too late for us Canadians. 🙁 Will just save them for next year. 🙂

  • sharon nevius

    My turkey is all cut out, but I’m waiting to talk to Klo or for someone here or on Yahoo to explain in more detail how to attach the head to the box “strap”. I looked at the pdf but am not seeing it!
    Otherwise I can’t wait to put them together!!

  • Claudia Lester

    I figured this out. You have to select the finished turkey and delete him. The small box he was in is your 12×12 page. You have to select all the the items you need to cut and make that box really tiny so that it will fit in the small 12×12 box. Move the shrunk cutting pieces into the small box and the box will open to a full page size. You can then select colors in yur cutting box to cut only feathers or whatever.

  • Claudia Lester

    BTW, these are really cute, I love them and am so happy that Klo is now part of the design team. THANK YOU!!!

  • Dana Frakes

    Thanks Claudia! I have tried all morning to figure them out. Have my box all ready, now I can “carve” the turkey!

  • Amanda Post author

    I am sorry for the confusion about the file everyone. The file had the turkey pieced out and then a second full turkey meant as a guide and I think therein lies the confusion. I have changed the cutting file so that hopefully it is now a bit easier to understand.