Little Presents

I think the Craft Room member Anamoreno put it best in one of her comments on this week’s fabulous find “Cutting files are like little presents!” and they truly are. This series of cutting files shared by Craft Room member Astros_fan are absolutely adorable. She generously shared the file for each one (there are 5 pictured here but there are actually 6 total). These “Blockheads” have a face on each side of them and a two sided body so that you can hang them and let them spin and they will still be visible from every angle. I love how clever of a decoration this is not only for Christmas but plenty of other occasions too! Thank you so much astros_fan for generously sharing these clever blockheads and congratulations on being this week’s fabulous find! Make sure to check your email for your gift!




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7 thoughts on “Little Presents

  • Victoria Kee

    I am so happy that these won attention because I really chuckled hard when I first saw them. They are adorable….congratulations! 😀

  • Lynn Burbidge

    So clever, and so amusing. As a beginner it is grest to see what the more experienced crafters can make, this machine really is incredible.

  • Wanda Gray

    those are incredible! As a beginner in the world of pazzles…(had for 4 years, but not really experienced by any means). I cannot even imagine how to go about making something so amazing!

  • Sheila Arendse

    These are so amazing and I see that she has shared the cutting files but I cant find them? Where would I find them?

  • Amanda Post author

    Go to Community at the top of the page. Then go to the Albums. Find the Album category “Cutting Files” (it is towards the bottom) and open it. Any picture in there is a cutting file, you can select the picture you want to open it on it’s own page, and then click on the picture to start the download. HTH!