Sunflower Gift Box

Sunflowers are some of the happiest flowers I can think of. They always make me smile, no matter what size or shade of yellow they are. For some reason they always seem to say “you are special to me”. In late summer the roadsides and fields near my home have a multitude of wild sunflowers. A little bit of cheer that pops up in the most unexpected places.

Naturally, I thought of adding a sunflower to a gift box as a way of telling someone how much they are appreciated. This gift box is perfect for a summer-into-fall treat for a special friend. The petals, leaves and center are all shaped with a ball tip embossing tool to give realistic dimension. I am sure that it will bring a smile to that special person in your life too.

Here is the recipe and cutting file for this project. This week we have also included the .SVG AND the .AI file for the project as well. Enjoy!

Sunflower Gift Box Recipe

Sunflower Gift Box Cutting File

Sunflower Gift Box SVG and AI Files




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8 thoughts on “Sunflower Gift Box

  • Victoria Kee

    This reminded me that I have to put my wreaths out on the garage…LOL. I love sunflowers. AND…this will be the theme for my niece’s wedding shower next summer before her fall wedding…a nice transition. I will have to show this to her mom. Thanks!

  • Melinda Beltran

    What an adorable box!Thank you so much! This is perfect for this season! Thank you again for the never ending creativity and “inspiration”…okay small pun intended…lol!

  • Gloria Olmstead

    This is so cute. I made a pair of earrings for my friend and am always looking for a new box to put my jewelry in. I used a pink, brown, green & white striped double sided paper with brown background and white flowers with pink insides on the reverse. I reduced it down to the flower 1.447×1.553, leaves .687×1.05, flower inside .564x.563, boxes (folding) 2.995×3.379 and the outline to 1.954x.755. Note: if you use striped paper on the folding box make sure the stripes are up and down when you cut, as i didn’t but no problem the flowers on the outside worked out better anyway. It came out so cute. I used liquid pearls on the flower and smooch pearlized top coat on the leaves. It is just the perfect size for a this pair of earrings and who wouldn’t want to get a gift in such a darling array. Thanks Christine for the pattern.

  • M Krijger

    Very nice and sweet. I love sun flowers because they remember me to my dear father.