Color Palette (March 18 & 19 Class)

We are going to revisit the very important Color Palette this week. We are going to start with the basics and take you through creating your own color palette. We will be working in both the original software that came with your Pazzles and also with the Pro 2010 software.

Knowing the color palette will help you with designing, outlining and cutting, so don’t miss this. This class is going to be perfect for beginners and advanced alike, so be sure and join us.

We had daylight savings time last weekend in the US, so if you live where they haven’t done daylight savings yet (or you don’t do daylight savings), please be sure to make adjustments to your time. This is the Time Conversion chart, but it does not account for the daylight savings.

Classes are Sunday evening 7pm CST, Monday morning 5am CST and Monday afternoon 1pm CST.

To join us, simply go to Klo’s Classroom, click on Enter Classroom and sign in as a Guest.




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