Hanging Faux Wrought Iron Chandelier

Hanging Black Faux Wrought Iron Chandelier

The projects that I love best are the ones that look complicated but can easily be assembled in a minute. I have always been a big fan of silhouettes because I like the simplistic look, yet I love all the detail. This chandelier has a way of making ‘simple’ really sparkle. So if you’re looking for the perfect project to ‘shine a light’ on your next party or event, don’t forget about this cute chandelier.


3 12″ x 12″ sheets of black cardstock
Black ¼” Ribbon

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3 thoughts on “Hanging Faux Wrought Iron Chandelier

  • Wendy Sloan

    I made a different style of chandelier but same concept last year for a charity event. We “hung” them from bouquets of lighted helium balloons that were anchored with clear fishing line about 6 feet over the centerpieces on each table. The look was dramatic but so simple and low cost.

  • Sharalee Lee

    This will be perfect for a Halloween party I am helping to plan/decorate. I already have one other hanging one but it is different from this one. 🙂