Graduation Announcement

I can hardly believe my daughter will be graduating this year. Eighteen years just seemed to fly by. I got thinking about graduation announcements last week in preparation for her big debut into the world and began to put together a list of how many graduation announcements I would need to create. It added up quickly. I wanted to create a fun project, but not have it be so difficult or time consuming to make, especially if you have a large list of family and friends to invite like I do. I think this announcement card turned out perfectly. To create the tassel take several pieces of twine or ribbon about 8” long and fold them all in half. Secure around the top creating a loop. Feed another string through the loop. Poke a hole in the top of the hat and feed the string through the top of the hat. To secure it place, I used Scotch tape to make sure the strings would stay in place and hold the tassel.

Wine Cork Projects: Wine Cork Fairies

Wine Cork Fairies

Basil and her friend Thyme have been busy working in their fairy gardens in the wine vineyards here in Idaho. They can tell spring is right around the corner, and have been getting things ready for cherished friends to come visit. If you've been doing a little spring cleaning of your own, don't forget to sit back and enjoy a little relaxation over a glass of wine. Perhaps the garden fairies will fly by to help with the chores and sprinkle a little magic along the way.

Hopes and Dreams Journal

Hopes and Dreams Journal

With every new year there's a quest to learn something new, adopt healthy habits, and start setting new goals. It's nice to have a place that you can write down your thoughts, motivational quotes, and keep track of what you plan to accomplish. I purchased this Wexford Composition Book 9.75" x 7.5" for under $3.00 at my local Walgreens store. I loved the fact that I can decorate it with my favorite paper line, and take advantage of all the scraps I collect. It's a great way to use up fibers too, and leave bits and pieces hanging from the pages. The busier, the better, and the ideas are endless!

Winged Heart Box

A beautiful winged heart box that would be perfect for anyone you want to show that you love this Valentine's Day. This box will make the perfect case for any gift you want to give!

Frog Prince Box and Love ...

“Hop” to it, and create this cute froggy bug box. It’s perfect for the family, or even a classroom, and a fun way to get everybody involved.

Vinyl on Glass Frame

Personalized Frame Idea with Vinyl

Vinyl is a creative way to say something unique in an entirely new way. If you have a friend getting married, a family member's birthday, or maybe you just want to decorate your own walls with a little personal message to someone you love, this idea is definitely the way to do it. I found this floating frame at my local Home Goods store. It worked perfectly for showcasing my project. Since my vinyl is sandwiched between two pieces of glass the finished product looks professional, and gift giving worthy. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. It's amazing how cute of a project you can make for less than $10.00, and nothing says I love you more than homemade!

Sushi Cards and Take-Out Gift ...

I get a kick out of the local coffee shops here in downtown Boise. I love when they have the gift shops attached so you can walk around sipping and shopping. The gifts are generally simple, and I always enjoy reading the silly greeting cards you can purchase. It’s always something unique you can’t find anywhere else. Do you ever notice when you’re out and about, that something will catch your eye that’s completely out of character for you to make, or buy, but you love it anyway? I noticed some simple greeting cards with basic shapes and sayings and it made me think, I should try creating something outside of my comfort zone.

Christmas Gift Tags and Gift ...

Christmas is right around the corner. If you haven't started shopping yet, you have less than two weeks to get everything done! Since Santa delivers the gifts, help make things a little easier for him and create these cute holiday gift tags. He'll be thankful to see them by his plate of cookies so he can label the gifts while he snacks. That way he won't get confused and leave you the neighbors' lump of coal, and leave your new Inspiration Vue™ under their Christmas tree! This project is simple to make. You can fit a total of eighteen tags on one sheet of cardstock. It even makes a great party exchange gift.

Gingerbread Village: Bakery

Graham's Bakery has been around since the beginning of the village and is known for its gingerbread toast and cinnamon sugar rolls. You can stop in for lunch or order a custom part for your house renovation. When they turn on their giant ovens at 3 am every morning, the best smells float through town.

Gingerbread Village: Sled

On cold, frosty days the gingerbread children gather on the biggest hill for some sledding fun! Their cries of excitement can be heard all over the village. When the day warms up and the sled runners start to get sticky, they lick the marshmallow frosting off their mittens and head home.

Gingerbread Village: Country Cottage House

Welcome to our annual 12 days of Christmas event! We have been busy creating so we can share with you. Come on in to our first Gingerbread Village piece, the Country Cottage house, and make yourself at home. This tiny house holds all kinds of sweet treats and you are welcome to stay as long as you'd like. If you get hungry just break a piece off the door and have a snack.

Thnaksgiving Kid's Table

Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Activity Mat

I love Thanksgiving, not just for all the delicious food, but for the feeling in the air too. As a kid I loved how the adults sat at one table and all of us cousins got to sit at another table decorated especially for us. To carry on my favorite childhood memory I decided to create a project designed with your own little turkeys in mind this Thanksgiving. Use this fun activity placemat, cup and napkin ring set to keep little hands busy while they wait for dinner to be served. Let them decorate their own cups and listen to them giggle as they “gobble” up cherished memories this Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Happiness Table Top Banner

I love personalizing my projects and I generally try creating my projects with someone special in mind. I love giving my creativity away and having that person know it was made especially for them. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. For those hosting your own turkey day, this is a great way to greet guests with personalized messages. Perhaps the use family name, or glue several sections together and make an entire saying for your Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Oven Cupcake Box

I saw an idea like this in a little bakery a few weeks ago and couldn’t resist the chance to “bake” my own. Oops, I meant make my own! It was scrumptiously cute, and the perfect way to showcase a cupcake. Add a cute note to the towel hanging from oven door that lets your friend know how much you care. For your next birthday bash let your loved one know how special they are, and let his oven cupcake box warm their heart.

Make Your Own Comic Book

When I was a kid I had a subscription to Archie and Friends. I loved racing to the mailbox on Friday after school to get my comic book. It got me thinking about some silly pictures I have and how some of the photos deserve to have a timeline story told about them. Maybe you have a series of photos start to finish; like teenagers getting ready for prom, cute proposals, funny wedding parties. There’s bound to be some treasurable memories with some noteworthy stories. Create captions and headings for your photographs and have fun sharing your comical life adventures in your own comic book series..

Poison Paper Apple Cutting Files

Poisoned Paper Apples

Take a bite if you dare! This fun project may be bad apples, but they're cute as can be. Put a spin on holiday treat bags and create these poisoned apples instead. Make sure you present them to someone special, and put them under your spell.

Halloween Neighbor Gift

Haunted House Treat Bag Set

Halloween is a fun holiday. It gives adults a chance to dress up and be silly, and gives kids a chance to eat lots of candy. There’s a lot of traditions that take place on this spooky night. My favorite as a kid was when my mom would fry up all the pumpkin seeds. She had the best recipe ever! It was as simple as frying the seeds in a stick of butter with salt until they’re golden brown. Yummy!! Then my friends and I would get ready for a night of trick or treating. We would go to the neighborhood across town where the houses were close together and you could show off your costume. It was the perfect time of year to scare all the little kids without getting in trouble! No matter what you find yourself doing this Hallows Eve, spread the fun to neighbors on your street and use this cute “Boo’ed” set to leave a splendid Halloween treat!

Baby Room Decor

String Lights Banner

I recently helped host a baby shower. I wanted something that helped showcase baby’s gifts and came up with this string lights banner. I wanted to use a thin font that had extra details and pieces that I wouldn’t typically use for paper crafting, yet the font worked like a charm using vinyl! I used some scraps of ribbon in an assortment of colors, and tied them along the string of lights. I think it turned out cute, and was a great way to “light” up the special day.

Banana Split Sundae

Even though summer is winding down and I can feel the weather getting a little cooler, nothing stops my sweet tooth when it comes to ice cream. I created this project for a birthday bash, or just to let someone special know that they’re the sprinkles on your sundae. This project would also make a great cake topper or invitation to your last summer ice cream social. So before summer melts away, get in on the scoop here in the Craft Room and satisfy your craving for a sweet project!

School Days Cutting Collection

Includes all of the pieces a teacher needs to get her students' day started. Keep track of the month, day of the week and the weather. Record and celebrate special occasions with birthday cupcakes and lost teeth.

“Straw” Berries Party Straws

I can't resist a fun straw in my drink. I remember when the plastic crazy straws came out when I was a kid. I hosted a get together a few summers ago and themed our adult beverages around these vintage straws. They were a hit! Create your own party in a glass. Mix up a pitcher of sweet tea, or your favorite berry delicious drink and create these "straw" berries to sip from. They’ll be a perfect “pick” for a summer shandy.

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