Wine Cork Fairies

Wine Cork Projects: Wine Cork FairiesCork-Fairies-2

Basil and her friend Thyme have been busy working in their fairy gardens in the wine vineyards here in Idaho. They can tell spring is right around the corner, and have been getting things ready for cherished friends to come visit. If you’ve been doing a little spring cleaning of your own, don’t forget to sit back and enjoy a little relaxation over a glass of wine. Perhaps the garden fairies will fly by to help with the chores and sprinkle a little magic along the way.Cork-Fairies-1

My friends and I enjoy sharing a bottle of wine over dinner. I’ve saved so many corks, and was certain I would find inspiration to use them in my next project. This is a great trash to treasure gift giving idea. These little sprites turned out magically cute! To create them I used leaf files found in the Craft Room library. I had some corsage pins as well as some fancy beads I’ve been saving. I slipped the pin down through the bead and into the cork. Next, I used my hot glue gun and adhered the leaves to the back of the cork. I used some small magnets I purchased at the craft store and glued it to the back of the wings. I love this project, and can’t wait to leave these sweet fairies on the fridge with a little note to my friends who mean so much to me.







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