Personalized Frame Idea with Vinyl

Vinyl in a Frame. Personalized Gift Giving Idea

Vinyl is a creative way to say something unique in an entirely new way. If you have a friend getting married, a family member’s birthday, or maybe you just want to decorate your own walls with a little personal message to someone you love, this idea is definitely the way to do it.

I found this floating frame at my local Home Goods store. It worked perfectly for showcasing my project. Since my vinyl is sandwiched between two pieces of glass the finished product looks professional, and gift giving worthy. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. It’s amazing how cute of a project you can make for less than $10.00, and nothing says I love you more than homemade!




Glass Frame

Pazzles Vinyl




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5 thoughts on “Personalized Frame Idea with Vinyl

  • meheidie

    I love working with vinyl. This frame is beautiful! What a great idea to use it between the panes of glass.

  • mswhizz

    Great project! I haven’t seen this type of frame before but will now be on the lookout for them since I give this type of project for gifts all the time. Everyone must love handmade and personalized because I always get so many compliments on these kinds of gifts, and not just from the recipient. They have been the hit of many a shower. I don’t say all that to brag on myself, just to emphasize what great projects you can make with vinyl. It sticks to just about everything so the possibilities are limitless! If you haven’t tried vinyl yet, don’t be afraid. It’s fabulous!

  • tatum Post author

    I know exactly what you mean by having a gift that’s a hit. You’re right, it’s usually everyone who is just as impressed as the recipient. I have always said presentation is everything. It can be the simplest of an idea, but done up right, it can be a show stopper for sure. The frames are primarily for diplomas and certificates. Hope that helps in your search!
    P.S. It’s ok to brag. You should be proud of who you are and what you create.

  • tatum Post author

    I created it by welding some flourishes to a thick font. I love the ability to create unique shapes with the welding feature in the software.
    Glad you all like it.