Introducing Pazzles Craft Room Member Chat

Pazzles Craft Room Member Chat

Introducing Pazzles Craft Room Member Chat! This live chat room is a great way to make new friends, ask questions, and share techniques and ideas. You’ll find Member Chat on the Community Tab in the Craft Room menu.

We’ve heard your requests to add this feature to the Craft Room, and we’re happy to oblige! We hope you enjoy it, have fun meeting one another, and can share your favorite tips, tricks, and projects with each other.

This new chat room will not be monitored by Pazzles on a full-time basis—although we might pop in from time to time! If you’re looking for direct support from a Pazzles employee, please check out Tech Support Chat for hardware or computer issues, and Designer Chat for software and project support.

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40 thoughts on “Introducing Pazzles Craft Room Member Chat

  • Beverly Herdt

    YEAH!!!! Thank you, gang, for hearing us and giving us this wonderful opportunity to meet other Pazzlers (twirling batons and all)! I’m going there right now!

  • Alice Hernandez

    I continue to have issues when attempting to cut on medimum to light weight. I have tried several methods of cutting without it tearing my paper. My last attempt has been with pressure of 10 and the blade at 1 1/2, cutting it twice. I noticed most of the comments I hear is people having the same issue. Can you please give us some hope in this issue being fixed.


  • Beverly Herdt

    The Chat Room is great! Had a small chat going earlier tonight. But what is an Ignored User?

  • Amanda_H


    Type what you want to say in the box at the bottom, then hit enter. When you don’t want to be in the chat anymore, hit the logout button at the top left.

    If you want to know more advanced things, there is a blue question mark icon on the lower right that will tell you some commands. Hope that helps!

  • Amanda_H

    Alice, if you’re still having issues, please use the Tech Support chat to contact them for assistance and they’ll help you out. Thanks! 🙂

  • tabecker

    For some bazaar reason whenever I get email from Pazzel it looks like a bunch of computer language and I can never read any thing from other members or the Co. I have been trying to figure out how to do the project someone did for the Sept. Challenge. They did a card with a snowman and poinsettia that is like an accordion kind of, but the pictures are partially cut out. Can anyone tell me where the cutting file or video is for this type of card.

  • justpeggy

    I just purchased my cutter- having problems with the install– however when at the pinners conference I really wanted to do the bubblegum spiders (on a cake) they had on display- they assured me the image wasin the craft room but I am unable to find it- does anyone know where it is at?

  • michellep Post author

    Peggy- I just sent you an email, but the spiders I used on the cake at Pinner’s Conference are from the Spider Party file.

  • justpeggy

    We just called tech support-apparently we had a bad license number and they gave us a new one and all is well 🙂

  • hollyw26

    Hello, I just bought my pazzles inspiration today and I cannot quite figure out how to install the blade.

  • cassmcmanus331

    Hi! This is my first time in any chat room. I never had time while I was working and now technology has passed me by!! I have had a 15 -20 year hiatus from crafting.

    I never bought a die cutting machine, and, when returning to crafting saw all of the good reviews of the Pazzles without having to take up lots of room with dies etc.

    Now I am full of questions.

    1. I am trying to do a baby shower invitation. I have a Too Much Fun rubber stamp onsie which is adorable, but I think it is a little too small.

    I want to know if anyone out there has used a onesie from a Pazzles collection for a shower invitation and, if so, what are the demensions?

  • kellyb

    Hi Everyone, do you have problem going in to Klo’s classroom? I can access all member’s libraries but I cannot get in to Klo’s classroom to view recorded classes. Please let me know.


  • lydiacoffman

    I am trying to preorder the new inspiration vue. However, the site keeps saying product not available. I know it’s not ready to be sent out, yet, but why can I not preorder?

  • madely

    Hello! I would like to use some of the cutting collections from the library. I click on them and nothing happens. How do I download them?

  • shirleycooper

    Hi I’m new at this having problem with cutting don’t know why it is doing it but after it has cut a shape the blade holder doesn’t lift up so it cuts the paper as it goes back to the starting position? why I don’t know can some one tell me how to fix this problem please !it was working great 2 weeks ago and only got the inspiration machine 4 weeks ago, so is it me or is there something wrong with wrong with my machine help !!!!!!

  • cupcake84

    Hello 🙂 I’m new and my english is not very well, but i will try to ask my question. I hope you can understand me ……I bought the Pastry starter Kid. I want to insatll the Software, but it´s only for Inspiration Studio. I work with InVue. What can i do ?

  • lajollasal

    Yesterday I watched for the first time in at least 5 years HSN and Anna Griffin and the new Blue Tooth Cricuit. I had to control myself and did not purchase the Crituit. The only thing that temped me was the amazing Anna Griffin cutting files. I am not talented. But, I am hoping that the talented artist with Pazzle will come up with some of the supper intricate cutting files to not copy but mirror her creatively. If there already exists files like this, I am hoping someone can direct me to them. I am willing to purchase them. Thank you.

  • nancarolina

    hello!!! im new here!! i want to chat with someone.. maybe you can help me.. i really need cut files, about butterfly, cards, boxes.. for my sister’s birthdays, 15 years old. thank you so much! my email is

  • lynette

    My Invue is still having issues. I talked to Dave I believe his name was in technician and he told me to send in my machine but I do not have the original box to return it to you. I bought it in September. I keep getting communication with device errors and check power usb cables and power off and on. It worked after a few days better. No the blade housing is not going down and cutting the paper or writing on the paper. I can push the blade down but then I end up with lines. I have changed the blade several times and have the depth set at 6 and still no help. Can you tell me how to send this back to you so it will not get damaged. It should still be under warranty.

  • amanda

    Hi Toby! Password protected blogs are really just an internal function that we need and not accessible. They pop up if you run a search for a project but you should find a “duplicate” accessible project of the same name that has all the useable content!