Lunch Box Note Cards

Lunch Box Notes / Teacher's Note Cards and Card Box

School lunch is a big deal in the life of an elementary student. My kids love cold lunch as the hot lunch choices are not always to their liking, and my daughter likes to eat the same exact thing every single day. We spent some time this weekend picking out the perfect lunchboxes for the new school year and making sure their names were written on everything. I have one more little trick up my sleeve to make lunchtime fun and that is where today’s project comes in.

I’ve created a little set of lunchbox notes to make for your children or grandchildren so you can tuck a small part of yourself in with their lunch. It would be so fun to make these and write a note from grandma in each and then send them on to be added to your grandchildren’s lunches as a surprise. The entire set with the box would also make a fabulous teacher gift so she can send notes of encouragement home with her students. Leave the lunch notes entirely out and fill the box with Post-It Notes for a fun alternative.

~MichelleLunch Box Notes / Teacher's Note Card Box


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 Lunch Box Note Too Cool for School




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6 thoughts on “Lunch Box Note Cards

  • Marjorie Eades

    These are so cute but I’m sure my 10th grade boy would have issue if I put these in his lunch. Maybe I will make a bunch to send my daughter for the grandkids.

  • paula hook

    I remember putting fun stickers into the kids’ lunches when they were little (uh 30+ years ago) and it really was a bright spot in their day. I’ll have to fix up a bunch of these for the grandkids. Thanks so much!


    I love it. I am also thinking if you don’t have smallish kiddos, that it might be cute to change the theme to thank you cards and give them to someone as a gift!