Tea and Napkin Holder

Napkin and Tea Box by Tara Brown

After returning from a great trip to England and Ireland, I decided to celebrate those memories by making a tea and napkin box. Using the Inspiration Studio software, make a short box measuring 6.75” x 4.25” with a 2” height and a taller box measuring 6.625” x 2” with a 6.25 ” height. The video How to Resize a Box helped me to be able to break the one piece box cutting file for the taller box into two pieces so that I could get this size.

The Fancy Circle Frame cutting file has a circle within it that I centered and used to cut a half circle for the taller box. This makes a great window for pulling out the napkins. The Fancy Circle frame was then cut and used to decorate the opening. Glue the taller box inside the smaller one at the back. I used Flourish Swirls to decorate the project.



Bazzill Smoothies cardstock (Walnut Cream)

Pion Design Papers (Fairytale of Spring)

White Mulberry Roses

Self-Adhesive Pearls



Cream lace Napkins, tea envelopes Napkin and Tea Box by Tara Brown




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4 thoughts on “Tea and Napkin Holder

  • Tara Brown Post author

    Hi Julie,
    I made the box first before breaking it into two pieces. Size the box at 6.625” x 2” with a 6.25 ” height. There’s a video called “Making Boxes with Lids” that is one of my favorites. It has the step-by-step instructions on box making. Hope this helps! 🙂

  • gail tidswell

    Tara this looks amazing. I tried your grandfather clock with great results. This is next on my6 list. Thank you.