Pazzles Express Train Day 1: Engine Car


All aboard the Pazzles Express! First Stop… The Engine Room.

Join us for the next 12 days as we take you on a Christmas adventure through the wintry world of Pazzles Christmas land. Hand over your boarding passes and hop aboard!

I’m really excited to start off our Pazzles Express Christmas train with the engine. Whether you are decorating under your tree, or on your mantel, this is the perfect start. Downloadable instructions are included below, but if you have any questions about assembling this piece, be sure and attend my classroom this weekend where I will show you how to assemble it and answer any questions.


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23 thoughts on “Pazzles Express Train Day 1: Engine Car

  • claudialester

    I am so making this. This is way too cute!!!! And We have a Polar Express Train under or tree. This is PERFECT. Thank You Klo!!!

  • pjhook

    How much of this cardstock am I going to need to cut out the entire project? I want to get started on cutting but would like to get all my supplies at one time since I live a long way from my nearest scrapping store.

  • loretta_m

    I have to say, for my, this is one of the most beautiful projects I have ever seen. Nice work Klo!
    It’s gorgeous…..and totally clever!

  • darlenei

    Really cute. Can’t wait to see the rest. Hopefully I can reinstall pazzles software to my new computer tomorrow.

  • mlagoski

    Love this train engine. Both of my young grandsons love trains, so hopefully will be able to make it for them. Thank you!!

  • judyb

    ok,,,,,LOVE love love the train. But, the instructions say cut out chipboard. What pieces do you cut out of chipboard and do you then glue the cardstock pieces to it? I’m in a constant state of confusion.

  • vickigardiner

    LOVE this train theme. My family is all about trains and this is going to be perfect. Can the instructions be changed to read what line color goes with the pen tool, what line color is the chipboard, etc. I “think” I know but clarification always helps.

    Thanks for the train theme everyone! It’s just perfect.

  • scrappingklo Post author

    This is a good idea. I will try and have them added for you tomorrow.

    I already started that for the next set already. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • rjschuck

    I have just found this site and love it! I have downloaded all cars of the Santa train, but the svg file doesn’t show all the part. For instance, the engine doesn’t have the wheels or the front grate, none of the other patterns have wheels, the caboose is missing the railing part of the car. Please tell me what I am doing wrong! Thanks!

  • amanda

    So glad you are enjoying the site! I double checked the file and all the pieces are there, however many of them are outside the page margins. If you zoom out on your page you should be able to see the missing pieces. Please let us know if you have any more trouble!