Card Holder And Organizer


With this weeks project, we are going to help you get a good jump start on all three of those resolutions.  These adorable card holders will be the perfect way to organize your cards as you make them with your Pazzles, keeping them handy when you need to send a quick note to someone.

We’ve talked about recipes for quick cards this week. Now when you create cards, you can make 3-4 at a time, and know you will have a safe and easy place to keep them until it is time to send them to someone special. This box is sized to hold 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ cards.

For this project I used the papers from ADORNit’s Nested Owl-Charcoal and Wildflower Lines.  These colors made feel happy and excited and of course, look wonderful in my room, so I will want to keep it out for all to see.

I hope you will enjoy having them in your home as much as I know I will.

ADORNit Nested Owl-Charcoal Collection, Wildflower Collection
Pazzles Pen Tool
Colorbox Chalk Cat’s Eye

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18 thoughts on “Card Holder And Organizer

  • meader420

    I really need to do this project…and do my cards that I will be needing this year…I always wait to the last day and sometimes hour to do them…

  • janiehwa

    Perfect Klo! (the box and you for designing it). Two of my new year’s resolutions were to play with my Pazzles more, and make more cards so I had them on hand when needed. How clever of you to have provided the inspiration to get these two resolutions achieved! Thank you xx

  • meader420

    I made my set last night…I made mine to fit a 5×7 card though…they turned out great! Now to get going on my cards!

  • meheidie

    What a fabulous idea! I love the ADORNit’s Nested Owl-Charcoal and Wildflower paper you used. They are perfect for this project!

  • miss bumble

    Absolutely love it. I’ve Been longing to make a few of these but never found the time but no excuses now.
    Thanks Klo xx

  • melin

    Love this Klo! Thank you so much. I will definitely have to take the time to do this. I am gathering quite a collection of cards…lol! Perfect storage solution while they wait to find a new home!

  • oldersis1

    Why cant i get the pattern and directions…i have logged in…keeps bringing me back to the first page

  • michellep

    oldersis1- It looks like there may have been an issue on the page, so go ahead and try again. If you are still having problems it may be that your computer has saved your login information. Some of our Craft Room Members have problems logging in because of the cookies on their computer when their password is saved. Try clicking on Account Details under your name at the top of the page. Under profile you can change your password. Go ahead and do so and you should then be able to log in.