Customized Patterned Paper Valentines


One of my favorite things to do with my Inspiration Studio software is make my own custom patterned paper. I first change my mat size to 8.5 x 11 because that’s the size of my printer. I then import files I’d like to use. The one I used here is Heart and Bow from the Craft Room Library. I removed the bow, leaving just the heart. I thickened my lines, duplicated it several times in different line colors and stacked them slightly askew. Then I grouped and duplicated them, made some bigger, and some smaller placing them all over the page and rotating a few in different directions.  I then resized some hearts very small, multiplied them, filled them in the different colors, and added them to the spaces as filler. When my design was complete I just printed it out on white cardstock using the borderless option on my printer. I really enjoy being able to make my own custom paper designs.

Using the Tool Box Caddy file from the Library, I duplicated the side pieces about a quarter inch smaller to form my layering pieces for my patterned paper. I also made layering rectangles for the front and back also about a quarter inch smaller. I cut out the tool caddy from 12 x 12 cardstock and the layers from my custom made paper. I put it all together with sticky tape and pop dots. I used the pen tool and a few pieces of leftover paper to make my banner, then added a ribbon handle. I had a few pieces of patterned paper left, so I made some cards to go with it using the Love file. My original thought was to send it to school with my child for their class valentines.




American Crafts Cardstock

Pazzles Pen Tool







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8 thoughts on “Customized Patterned Paper Valentines

  • joanna

    I love using my Pazzles software to design background paper, it’s really easy when you find the right design to go with your project. Love this pretty paper you have used Marjorie and such a great idea using the caddy for your cards.

  • bherdt

    Marg, I’ve never thought of doing that! Thank you for the inspiration – I’ve had times when I just didn’t have the right paper for the project I was working on and set it aside. Now, I’ll just create my own. Thank you!!!

  • meheidie

    Very, very creative! I love the paper you designed and I really like this V-day box! It’s not over the top girly. Great for a boy who needs a spot to put his Valentines.

  • melin

    Love this project! I love using my pazzles software to create my own paper and other printables. It makes it so easy!!! Fabulous job!

  • farmor

    So very cute and creative, love using what I have, adding a twist that reinvents it to something new ! Thank you so much— I am thinking May Baskets now!