Lunchbox Animal Treats

Applesauce Animals Lunchbox Treat with SVG cutting files

Being a little kid is so magical. Everything is so exciting and every day is the best day ever. Even the smallest things make a little one so happy and it’s so fun to be the cause of so much happiness and excitement. So join in on the fun and make up a batch of applesauce animals. Stick these in a sack lunch or deliver them to preschool on a platter and you are sure to get some great big gasps and lots of hugs of appreciation.

Applesauce Animals lunchbox treats with SVG cutting files

My goal in creating these was to keep the assembly as simple as possible so making multiples wouldn’t be overwhelming. Each base piece has some Pen Tool details and I used markers to color in the details rather than paper layers. Assemble the characters and then plop an upside down applesauce on each character’s belly. The tops of the applesauce are a bit sunken in so use a dimensional foam dot to adhere the applesauce to the character. This also makes it easy for a child to peel it off so they can eat the applesauce.

These are easy to make so I have not included instructions, but here are a few tips:

-Make sure the tab to open the applesauce is laying flat against the side rather than folded over onto the top of the applesauce container. That way a child can find the tab to open the applesauce.

-Motts applesauce has many different varieties of applesauce that come in various colors. The plastic cup also has embossing on it to make it look like a barrel which looks especially cute on the turtle, because it looks like a turtle shell.

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5 thoughts on “Lunchbox Animal Treats

  • sboeglin

    Oh Michelle, these make me long to a young mom again, and wishing my grandkids lived close enough for these. You have out done yourself! <3

  • meheidie

    Oh my gosh! I loooove these! They will be perfect for the teachers to leave on the student’s desk on open house night! My teenaged daughter is going to camp next week and I sooo plan on sending these to her cabin mates. They will get a giggle out of them!