Nugget Slider Box Valentine

Nugget Slider Box Valentine

Valentine’s Day is so much fun!! I love making all the valentines for my kiddos classes. Of course owning a Pazzles really helps with that! Every year I get asked, “where did you find those valentines?” They are always impressed when I tell them I made them myself. Well, get ready to impress! There are so many quick and amazing valentines you can make with your Pazzles cutting machine! This valentine can be quick and easy using the print and cut feature, or you can cut each element out if you want the layered look.

To assemble the slider part of the box, just fold all the kiss cut lines in the same direction, then fold the long sides towards the inside of the box, tucking the short side tabs between the flaps. I add a little glue to the tabs to hold them in place. Then fold over the shorter end tabs, securing in place with a little glue.

Nugget Slider Box Valentine

To assemble the topper just fold all the kiss cut lines in the same direction and apply glue to the last wide tab and assemble the box so you create an opening for your slider box. If this is done correctly there should be two slits on the top of your box. This is where you will insert your Sixlets arrow. Print and cut, or assemble the greeting part of your valentine and glue it to the large flap. Apply a line of glue along the front bottom of your greeting and adhere it to the back side of the box. It should stand up on its own at this point. Slide the ends of the wrapper of the Sixlets into the slits. I secured the ends with a little tape so the box will slide in and out a little easier. Cut your arrows out and glue them to either end of the slits. I gave mine a little depth by folding and gluing a few arrow pieces together. If you are making multiple valentines, you can shorten the assembly time by just gluing one arrow piece to the top. I print and cut the ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ greeting and glued it to the front of the box. Print and cut the nugget labels out and apply them to your Nuggets. Line up your Nuggets and slide your box into the topper.

That’s it, your Valentine is ready to impress!


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