Virtual Craft/Crop Day: January 31, 2016

craft-with-kloWe are going to have our first Virtual Craft/Crop Day. This is an opportunity for you work on a project you have been wanting to do and have ‘friends’ to visit with and get ideas from.  If you have a webcam, you will have the opportunity to get on and show everyone what you are working on too.

If  you are having a problem creating something or need some help with how to do something in the software, I will be right there to answer you. This isn’t for technical issues, but for software learning.

So get your project gathered and join us from 1:00pm-5:00pm Central Time. If you are not sure what time that is in your location, go to the World Time Conversion site to see what time you will join us. Just go to Klo’s Classroom and click on Enter Classroom, join as a guest





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2 thoughts on “Virtual Craft/Crop Day: January 31, 2016

  • auntie_marg

    My plan for the day is to get everything ready to finally do my album from Alaska at the Expo in March. Then if I get that done I’m going to make all the Birthday Cards I will need to send out this year and hopefully I will remember to send them out. Whats everyone else going to be working on?

  • sweetaline

    Yippee! I am going to work on my granddaughter’s album, I haven’t worked on it for over a month!