Popcorn Bucket Date Night

Popcorn Bucket Date Night Pattern
Gift baskets make such a great gift for so many occasions and the gift is even better when the basket itself is adorable. Today I’ve created a movie date night gift basket that is perfect for an anniversary or wedding gift. Change the tag and it becomes the perfect gift for a teenager.

Popcorn Bucket Date Night

My bucket is big! I sized it so that a regular large popcorn bucket will fit inside. What you can’t see is that the bucket is full of popcorn and the skewers holding the candy up are stuck inside. If you’d like your bucket smaller, simply shrink it, but leave the gift cards the same size, as they are sized to fit actual gift cards.

Popcorn Bucket Date Night

Included with the basket is a set of 10 question cards tucked into the star pocket. You can discuss these over dinner to learn more about your date.

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