Paper Checkers and Chess Board

Paper Checkers Set

I love playing board games with my family. It’s a great way to spend time with them and have fun at the same time.  One of the games my kids love the most is checkers.  I created this checkers game to celebrate the fun we have playing it.  The neat thing about this checker board is that you can create it in any colors you like.  You can also add anything to the tops of the pieces instead of the traditional stars and crowns. Think, pink and purple with flowers and hearts, or maybe actual pictures of your families faces. You can use the crown file I’ve included and take a picture of them wearing the crown for the king side of the checker.  I think my kids would love to play against each other using pictures of themselves, knowing when they get “crowned” they flip their playing piece over to see themselves wearing a crown.  It will add an entire new element of fun to playing checkers!  I’ve also included chess pieces, that again you can customize anyway you’d like. I’ve said it before; I love my Pazzles Vue. I’ve had mine for years, and use it almost every day and its endless capabilities still excite me!

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