Custom Personal Pies

Custom Personal Pies made with the Pazzles Inspiration

We are so grateful for you, our customers and friends, who have supported and shared with us year after year. As a way to say thank you and show our gratitude, we have three custom pie designs just for you!

Leaf and Lattice Mini Pie cut with the Pazzles Inspiration

I have been having so much fun using my Pastry Tool to make pies. They are so easy and every single one has been so pretty. This time I took personal sized 5” pie pans that I got in a set from Costco. It was so fun to think up different designs and I could have just kept going. Wouldn’t these be fun to serve on Thanksgiving or Christmas day?

Owl Mini Pie cut with the Pazzles Inspiration

I have included each design for both a 5” pie or a 9” pie in case you would like to make full size ones instead. Also make sure to watch the video on how to cut pie crust (it is super easy!) and get the design used in the video as well if you haven’t already!

Cutting Pie Crust with the Pazzles Inspiration and Pastry Tool

Watch the video and download the files below!

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Fancy Pie Crusts with the Pastry Tool

Cut fancy pie crust patterns with the Pazzles Pastry Tool. This is one of those special kind of projects that takes very minimal effort for stunning results. Cutting pie crust is one of the EASIEST things I have ever cut and there are so many fun things you can do.
Click here for the Lace Flower Pie Crust cutting file in WPC
Click here for the Lace Flower Pie Crust cutting files in AI and SVG

Amanda Vander Woude




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