New Document Template: 2 Photos Layout

This template is for a 1-page layout, giving you room for 2 photos (2 – 4″x6″). This could easily be converted to use for a 2-page layout and 4 photos.

Here are the instructions to put the Document Template file into your InVue software:

  1. Download the Document Template and save to your computer.  (It is named 2photos.pvgt)
  2. Open the location of the downloaded file.
  3. Open a second window and go to Documents> Pazzles> Templates
  4. Go to Layouts folder created last month here.
  5. Click on the 1-page layouts file folder and create another sub-folder and name it 2-photos 
  6. Now go to the file folder where your downloaded file is and click and drag it into the 2-photos folder or copy and paste it there.

You will now be able to use this template in your software.  Be sure and watch for more templates each month as a part of your Pazzles Craft Room Membership.





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