Rate the Superbowl Commercials

Some years I care about the Super Bowl, but I can’t remember what years those were…..
For me the Super Bowl is about good food, family, and maybe a few funny commercials. I’ve always had a “rating” system of thumbs up/thumbs down for commercials and movie previews so I thought – why not take that a step further and make a game out of it?

Make a set of these for each of your guests and let them rate the game from 1-5, or a “?” for those completely baffling commercials.

For the sake of this blog I made my rating cards all cute but remember this IS football after all. You can make these very basic and have just as much fun. You can even skip the two pieces of cardstock and just draw the numbers and text on white cardstock.

Glue a dowel, popsicle stick, or even a straw on the back and you are good to go!

You can easily knock out several sets of these in 15 minutes and it’s a great way to get everyone involved in a fun and easy game!

I have also included a score card so that you can take this game one step further and keep track of the score for each commercial. At the end you can see which got the highest score (best), the lowest (worst) and the most “?” (most confusing).

This scorecard will track 30 commercials but you’d be surprised how fast that adds up so I’d suggest making two – one for before half time and one for after.

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