Designer Purse Gift Bag

I love designer purses and I thought making one to give away would be cute to put a small gift in for any women or girl. I saw this bag on the Internet and loved the design.

To create this designer purse, I used the Elegant Card Sleeves Collection: Fancy Square Envelope from the Pazzles Craft Room Library to make the design on the front and back of the purse. I love that collection!  I chose two different colors of paper to get this look. 

To create, I first embossed all the pieces, using the pen and embossing tools, then cut out. Here is a tip to make it easier: I cut out and embossed the base of the purse last so I can leave the mat in the machine, as well as the paper, then after I glue the design pieces onto the base, I place the base back on the mat (design on top) and use the pen tool to draw the sew lines. Do not fold any of the embossed lines if you want to place it back on the mat to make the sew lines.

After removing the pieces from the mat, then fold on all the embossed lines on all the pieces. Using a craft paintbrush to roll the base gives it the plump shape that I got.

I then glued each side piece to the purse base. Start with the bottom tab first and then the side tabs making sure to line the sides up so they match evenly.Then glue the one half of the gold paper to the back top of the purse. Now glue the top part of the strap in the middle of the back of the gold piece and fold it to come around the front.Then glue it to the front of the gold piece only. I cut the Velcro to fit on the back of this strap at the bottom. I used my Spectrum Noir markers to color the Velcro to match the purse and glued it to the back of the strap with Velcro together.

Then glued the other side to the purse base. I then used the tack over and over adhesive to the inside front of the gold paper. I do this to hold the gold flap closed. Then glue the purse handles to the front and the back making sure to match them up. I glued the last tan piece to the front of the strap and voila! It’s now ready to hold a small gift. I hope you enjoy this!


12” x 12” Dark Heavy Cardstock (for the base)
12” x 12” Leather colored Cardstock (for the rest)
Gold Paper
Tan Paper (for the front of the strap)
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Tack over and over Adhesive
Pazzles Pen Tool
Pazzles Embossing Tool
Maica pen to match purse
Spectrum Noir Alcohol Markers or Copic Markers
Distress Marker to color ends of cardstock  (Optional)

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