Gatefold Cards Collection 2: AI, SVG, WPC

Last year I made the original collection of Gatefold Cards. Over the past year it has proven to be our most purchased collection. It is easy to see why, the beautiful intricate lace designs are perfect for special occasions but if you try to purchase pre-made cards they are ridiculously expensive.

I’ve known for a long time I wanted to create another collection of gatefold cards, there are just so many possibilities and I am so happy with how beautifully these turned out.

There are 8 designs and each design comes in two sizes – the traditional oversized invitation size (5″x7″) and a standard card size (4.25″x5.5″) There is an invitation suitable for every season and occasion.

The designs include: angel wings, art deco, bird cage, palm leaves, fall leaves, flourish, spring heart, and swans. The images used in each design are also included so that you can use them on your envelope or invitation. In total there are 24 images!

The best part is that though they were a lot of work to create, they are super easy to make! Just cut and add your message and you are done!

As with all our collections, each file is included as an AI, SVG, and WPC file so that you can use it in virtually any cutting software program.

Each card has been thoughtfully designed and carefully tested for beautiful cutting. I do suggest that for best results you use a high quality smooth paper, avoid white core paper, and do a test cut first!

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Amanda Vander Woude




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5 thoughts on “Gatefold Cards Collection 2: AI, SVG, WPC

  • amedina

    Hi Amanda. I love your collection. I am trying to cut on the Pazzles but I am having some problems. Can you tell me what pressure setting. speed and blade setting I should have these at. I am using a smooth cardstock 65 lb and a smooth cardstock 110 lbs. Please advice. Thank you

  • amanda Post author

    Hey! I am so glad you like the collection! The settings are different for everyone – it changes based on humidity/temperature/paper brand etc. I would suggest for the blade length, fold a piece of the paper you are cutting in half and then hold the blade holder and “slice” a line in the paper. When you can slice through one layer of paper and not the other (ideally not even scratching the other layer) then you have the right blade length. Usually, for me, this is around 1.5. Then for the pressure I try to find the lowest setting that I can cut a small circle and have it cut completely through. For me, this is usually around 15-18 but again, that can vary pretty significantly so you will need to run the tests yourself. I hope that helps!