Lacy Box Collection

This extremely versatile collection will provide you with boxes in many different styles, suitable for a wide variety of occasions. You can assemble these boxes to have as few sides as four or as many as ten sides. The decorative side flaps for each panel may be folded to the inside, or to the outside to form elegant “wings”.

Cut two bases for your box to provide a sturdy base. The flaps on tops of the 4 and 5-sided boxes form the box lid.

A separate lid file is included for the 6, 7, 8, and 10 sided boxes, for your convenienceAlternately, the top flaps may be folded outwardly to form more of a basket design to use with or without a lid.

There are many different panels. You can alternate panels with designs cut in them with plain panels. There are also seven additional panels that include words of encouragement.

For the plain panels, there are six overlays without text, and seven overlays that include words of encouragement. Six of the overlay designs are have windows that can be left open, or you can add a name or word of your choice. The overlays give you the option to add additional color to your box.

To hide the contents of the gift box, you may line the insides of the cut panels with vellum or paper in a contrasting color.

These boxes can also be used a luminaries or lanterns for special events. Simply add an electric candle to the inside of the box.

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