Unicorn Cupcake Wrapper and Topper

Printable Unicorn Cupcake Wrappers and Toppers ANYONE can make!

Who doesn’t like unicorns? These unicorn cupcake wrappers are very easy to print and cut. If you are having a birthday party, baby shower or just a celebration, these cute unicorn cupcake wrappers are guaranteed to be a hit at your next party! All you need is a color printer, white lightweight cardstock, and something to cut with to make these for your next unicorn party!

Quick and Easy for Making Multiple Unicorn Cupcakes At a Time

I have designed this unicorn cupcake wrapper so that it couldn’t be quicker or easier. The file is set up so that you can easily print it on any standard color printer using a lightweight weight cardstock. The files are set up to print 6 unicorn cupcake toppers per sheet of paper, and 3 unicorn cupcake wrappers per sheet of paper. That means that with just three sheets of 8.5″x11″ (A4) lightweight cardstock you can make 6 unicorn cupcake wrappers and toppers!

Pazzles DIY Unicorn Cupcake Topper and Wrapper by Lisa Reyna

Making The Unicorn Cupcake without an Electronic Cutter

As a special consideration I have even included the topper and wrapper as a .pdf files. That means even if you don’t have an electronic cutter you can take out your trusty scissors and hand cut these. The shapes are fairly simple so hand cutting these is totally do-able.

How to Print and Cut or Cut and Print

If you have an any computer based electronic cutter, you can print and cut -or- cut and print. What’s the difference you might ask? Print and cut requires your electronic cutter to have an “optical eye” which can see where the image is printed on your paper (because every printer prints just a little differently). If your electronic cutter has an optical eye, Print and Cut is the method for you! Here is a video tutorial showing you how to print and cut using the Pazzles InVue software with the Pazzles Inspiration Vue.

Print and Cut: Basics

This video will take you through the basics of a basic Print and Cut. We have included the image that we used in the video.

If on the other hand your electronic cutter does not have an optical eye, fret not! There is an easy and fail-proof method to we call “Cut and Print” that works great! Here is a video tutorial showing you how to do Cut and Print using the Pazzles InVue software and Pazzles Inspiration machine. You will need a Craft Room membership in order to watch this video.

Cut and Print

This video will teach you how to use the Cut and Print method. This is a wonderful option to use if the Print and Cut method is not available to you.

Materials used:

Color Printer
White Cardstock
Pazzles Inspiration -or- other electronic cutter -or- scissors

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