Monster Mash

Be careful everyone, the Pazzles Craft Room has been invaded by terrifying MONSTERS!!!!! Well…ok, maybe they are not so terrifying, but they sure are cute! There are six little creatures prowling the craft room right now and you will really want to take a closer look. If you are a craft room member, you can get the cutting files for these guys in the library under the “Halloween” folder in “Holidays”, and you can also see them as completed, cut out projects in the gallery.  These monsters were all created by craft room member, simplysteph. I guess you could say that Stephanie and Klo are two peas in a pod. When Klo isn’t traversing the country at scrapping conventions for Pazzles, she’s often found crafting with Stephanie. Not that long ago I can remember Stephanie just getting started using the Pazzles Inspiration, now she is making amazing projects like these little guys. Stephanie has a wonderful talent. Of course, Stephanie did have a good teacher with Klo around, but now you get to have the same teacher with our online classes! Klo puts on some amazing FREE FOR EVERYONE online classes. If you haven’t already checked them out, you are missing out! Click here to learn more about them.




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13 thoughts on “Monster Mash

  • Sharon V Rausch

    I found it this is a follow up for people like me that are DA. The cut files are in the new images the girls post every week. Thank you again. SVR

  • Janeice Goude

    Steph, these are awesome….and where would we all be if it were not for Klo….. Happy Halloween

  • Loretta Mateik

    I can’t stop laughing while looking at these fabulous critters! Thanks ever so much for sharing them! I will tuck them away in a Halloween folder for next year!

  • Teri Moore

    I want to download the cut files but they don’t show up in “New” folder. Did I miss the boat and they aren’t available anymore??

  • Amanda Post author

    Hey ladies! We moved them to their permament home under the “Fantasy” folder in the Science Fiction category. I will update the blog to reflect that. Thank you for pointing that out and sorry for the trouble!

  • Geniva Robles

    Hi! Amanda i believe i met you at the scrapbook expo this weekend and need help with Ariel file! is this possible???

  • Amanda Post author

    Nope that wasn’t me 🙂 You probably met Stephanie and/or Klo. I had some advice for you about the arial file, I replied to your post in the forums

  • Julia Masch

    These are so cute but I can’t seem to find the “white monster.” All the other ones are in the Science Fiction category, did this little monster get lost??

  • Julia Masch

    Never mind – just found it under Halloween “ghost monster”. Thanks for the great files