Haunted Village Part 3: Creatures of the Night

Haunted Village with Creatures of the Night

Undertaker and Undead HandsIt has been an exciting process putting together our Haunted Village—I can’t wait to see what pieces we come up with next.

The creepy undertaker and the spooky hands were my creations. The rest of the cast of characters were imagined and created by Chris. Each monster has its own stand specifically suited to its size and shape, so take care to match the stands and character up correctly.

Creatures of the Night in color

We’ve had fun creating these monsters for you. Chris was making each of the monster noises as she glued them together. The rest of the Pazzles staff has enjoyed playing with our village as well. I know this, because each time I go in to take a quick peek at everything, it’s been rearranged! It got me thinking, if adults are enjoying playing with the Haunted Village I can’t imagine how much fun all the kids are going to have. After all, with projects this cool it kind of turns us all into kids… our office staff is proof!

Silhouetted Jack Lantern Pumpkin HeadNote: Each of the Creatures also has a ‘silhouette’ version. Your choice! Hint: Weigh down the creatures with a flat marble for stability.

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